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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Looking back on 2014

I can not believe that 2014 is done (well almost. To be exact I have half an hour). I looked back on my year and it's been an up and down ride. I had some sad ones and I some happy's and I learned quite a few things about myself and life in general.

Lets hop right in and shed the last tears (if there is any left) on 2014 and start getting excited for 2015!

What I learned on:

♥ Marriage
Marriage is hard work. Don't let anyone tell you any different. But if both is willing to work it's a walk in the park. Sometimes you will fight, even to the point when you want out, but it is just there that you should fight..together. One of the things I learned this year was to not take anything for granted. For example that your husband or wife knows exactly how you feel or what you want.I always thought that my husband and I were perfect because we could talk or sometimes don't have to talk at all. Some situations arised this year that made me re-evaluate our communication skills. This year we both learned how to communicate again. Communication is key.I can not say this enough. I did not know, realise, how important communication is until I was wacked in the face with it. All I want to say is, communicate. Communicate with your mom, dad, siblings, husband, boyfriend, friends. No one can read minds and this can solve a lot of problems. Listen walks hand in hand with communication, but that is a discussion for another day.

♥ Life
There is a lot of life lessons we learn everyday, but my life lesson was about friendships. I went through so much up and downs. First I hate them, then I love them, then I miss them and round and round it went. To the point where I just not wanted to anymore. I had to go regroup the people in my life and I had to make some tough choices where I am going to stick and where I am going to let go. What I learned was that people are in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Cut your losses and move on. Don't put in any effort into friendships that don't  see you as important. I had to learn that the seasons have passed. I almost had no real friend cause I was clinging to what was. What I left behind. Now I can say that after I dealt with it, I have new friends with who I can walk a new path and discover new things. Go read my post on friendships A Heartfelt expression. It will make more sense.

♥ Health
The thing that hit me right between the eyes were You are your only obstacle. There is nobody standing in your way except for yourself. It all depends on how badly you want it. I had a pretty bad winter and start of summer. Each time something big was about to happen in my health and with my fitness, something came up. I started to think that somebody does not want me to succeed. I started making excuses believing that I was just not meant to do this. But the only one who was keeping me from doing what I should, was me. I had to start looking at myself and I am still not done looking, but for 2015 I have a whole new game plan. You can not blame anyone if YOU are not working on you. Bring on the new year.

♥ Reading
I am an avid reader. I read a wide variety, but this year I wanted to challenge myself. I picked up a book and I started it. It was such a drag and I was so lost when I got to the middle.I didn't know if the book is starting or not. I have a policy by myself that every book I start, I must finished. How wrong I was. Nobody is going to judge you. Nobody is going to think differently of you. Damn, nobody will even care if you finish it or not. I asked a friend what should I do. Here answer was simple, "Put it down and move on. Don't waste your time on a bad book for you." This year I put down a book for the first time. I felt so free! I could move on to something better. I learned that one good book should not spoil your love for reading. So, I am moving on and in the new year I will reach new heights with my reading.

♥ Money
All I want to say here (and I am sure that you have heard this a thousand times), Money does not buy happiness. You could have all the money in the world and you would still not be happy. I learned this year to appreciate family, friends and not "stuff. You always hear about "the little things". It is that smile or hug you need. I spent a lot of money. I like to call it Retail Therapy. That is maybe just my way of justifying buying to feel better. I learned to look at things differently. I also made peace with how I view my possessions. It is just that, possessions.Yes, I will be very mad if someone takes my stuff, but life has so much more value that "stuff". So in the new year, here is to the little things.

I am really excited for 2015. I will have goals and I am going to reach new heights in all aspects of my life. What did you learn in 2014? I would love to hear!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Last HAUL for 2014 {I love spending moolah!}

Hey peeps!

So, before this year ends I would like to share with you my last shopping haul. I visited a few places including my favourite Woodlands Boulevard. They have a wide variety of shops to suite everybody's pocket. I always have a ball! Places visited also includes Kolonnade, Moorivier Mall and Canal Crossing in Potchefstroom.

So, lets have a look on what I spend my money on!  

  Yankee Candle in Woodlands Boulevard. 

 This skinny hot chocolate is from Irene Diary Farm's Deli

 These items is from TYPO in Cradle Stone Mall in Krugersdorp. 

 Some T's from Cotton On Woodlands Boulevard

 Just look at these cute bags!! It's for a good cause. Every time you buy from any shop in the Cotton On family you can buy one or a few of these bags and the proceeds goes to their 
Cotton On foundation. Such a good cause! To read more click H E R E 

 This Shirt and Maxi Skirt is from Factory (part of Cotton On) in Woodlands Boulevard

   The Camera book I bought at PNP Woodlands Boulevard and the John Green Novel from Die Boek Oase (The Book Oasis which was a stall at Aardklop this year)

 PNP Clothing. I love Pick 'n Pay's Clothing line. It is quite good quality and very comfy and this is my first Disney character clothing I own as an adult!

 This cute summer dress is from Woolworths in Moorivier Mall. Got it on sale!

 The shirt is from Cotton On and the shoes from Bata in Kolonnade, Pretoria

 The t and crop denim is from Foshini in Moorivier Mall and the shoes Bata in Kolonnade.

 This is a combination of Kolonnade and Woodlands Boulevard. Purse from YDE and Cutex from Sorbe. Both Kolonnade. The jewelery all from Lovisa in Woodlands Boulevard. I love their jewelery!

So, as you know I got a new camera and I was looking for a new bag. I love Lowepro. They are very good quality and the padding is great for keeping your camera safe. This bag has a lot of pockets and fits perfectly on my bag (after some adjustments). I bought this bag from Sounds Great in Woodlands Boulevard.

 Then, can I rave a bit over the new shop I stumbled upon. The Tea Merchant. They specialise in tea! Duh! But man the smells and the tastes and the cute products they have. I can not wait to try out my tea. Check them out on Twitter H E R E

 And just look at that tea infuser! I'm dying! So cute!

 The Body Shop has their end of year sale and of course I had to spoil myself. So I opted for some shimmer lotion, lip butter and hand cream. All in their Christmas flavor Glazed Apple. It smells divine!

 I recently visite Sorbe in Woodlands Boulevard  and I wanted to try out their products. SO I spoiled myself with this cute little bag filled with lovely products! I am excited to try these out.

 A new shop, My hartjie my Liefie, opened in the new Center Canal Crossing in Potchefstroom. This little top is a magic top. It hides any unwanted thingy you don't like and fits like a glove! 

 These earings are my new favorite. It's got two studs and it looks really pretty in your ear. 

 This short and top is SO comfy! And it is locally made by the designer, Regtig Awesome (Really Awesome) from Prieska here in SA. I am so proud!

What have you been spending your money on lately?

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Sunday 28 December 2014

Christmas in a day

Hey guys,

I can not believe that Christmas has come and gone, so fast! We had a lovely day and I am blessed to have spent it with family and friends. This post will be a bit different. It will almost be something like "a day in my life". Hope you enjoy it!

We started our morning with lovely Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie (check out Ingrid Nilsen's Video on how to make it). We went to our Church service and then...we opened our presents!!! I LOVE exchanging gifts. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

We had a lovely lunch at our local restaurant, The Broken Pot, and then we set off to visit family in Pretoria and Secunda. Even little Watson traveled with us. He was not a happy chappy.

It was a lovely day and I hope you guys had the opportunity to spend this day with your loved ones.

I am excited for 2015 and can not believe that it is only 3 sleeps away! Where did this year go?!Don't go anywhere! Some insight to follow before the last day of this year! (feels creepy saying that!)

Speak to you soon...or sooner!


Sunday 21 December 2014

Photo a day Challenge {November} | Summary

Smile Mother Nature Today's Footwear Inherited  Half
Hats  Window  On my bedside table  Mirror  Indulgence
Sparkly/Blur  Healthy Meal  Handwriting  Flower  I recommend
Bubbles  Books  Pajamas  Pet or Friend  Summertime
Ice Cream  Grass  Fresh Fruit  Hug ♥ Pastel Blue
Shadow  Favourite  Place Peace  Vintage  Water

This summary is long overdue, but as you know (I hope) I had a re-design done on my blog and took a little break, but here you go. If you did not see every photo in November, enjoy this summary.

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Saturday 20 December 2014


It is December! And that means Summer is here and Christmas time. I truly love this time of year. There are so many things to get excited about! So let me share some of mine.

Hot summer nights
Liters of Lipton Peach Ice tea Light
Cool mornings
It gets darker..later
Ice cream cones
Denim shorts and tank tops
Flip flops
Summer vacation
Late night coffee around a fire
Summer fruits (like Mango! Doing the Mango dance)
New Calendars and Diaries
Early morning runs
Thunder storms and rain

Decorating the Christmas tree
Christmas Parties
Secret Santas
Christmas Shopping
Family time
Christmas Lights
Christmas Movies
Limited Products (like those pretty cookie tins at Woolworths)
Carroll Singing
Wrapping the presents
Trifle Pudding
Counting down to Christmas Day
Christmas Church Service
♥ Christmas music
Limited chocolate tins
The sense of belonging
Christmas Eve
Christmas lunch and treats
Jesus is the reason for the season

What makes you excited for this time of year?

♥ ♥ ♥