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Saturday 29 August 2015

My dream destination

Lately I have been thinking a lot, mostly about destinations. I also found myself pinning destinations and looking up facts and talking to people about traveling.  I have also been reading blogs about where people would like to travel to or revisit. I would like to share with you my nr 1 destination I would like to visit (before I die of course). 

I have had this fascination with New York for quite some time now. I don’t really have an explanation; all I know is there is a piece of my heart in New York. My dad asked me why I wanted to go there (he is really not into going over sees as we say). So, I turned to him and asked him why he wanted to visit St Helena (which is basically just one big giant rock off the coast of Africa) and why he wanted to go to Gamkaskloof (this place is as hot as hell if I had to imagine hell) and then I rest my case and he understood. I still remember September 11th like yesterday even though I was not directly affected by it. I just need to go and I am going to leave it at that.

New York is a photographers dream. New York is a foodies dream. New York is a travelers dream. There is SO much to do and see. You cannot possibly be bored there at all! The only decision I have to make, apart from that I am going in 3 or 5 years’ time (depends on the savings) is whether I should go in summer or winter? 

Since I decided to go I was saying winter. I want a white Christmas and I want to be there for the dropping of the ball in Times Square on new year’s. It’s just that Central Park is so beautiful in summer, but it is just as pretty in winter. I mean you can skate at the park and who does not like that. Black and white photography is also just so good in winter with the snow and everything. Man, why is it so heard. When would you suggest I go and why? Leave me comment.

I went and googled and Pinterest some pictures. I mean look at these!
New York has a very rich history. I found this nifty website with a whole New York Timeline*. Did you know that New York has 722miles (1161.95km) of subway tracks!? Have you ever wondered why Big Apple? Well, The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians meaning to play the big time. I find this very interesting. 

I stumbled across this blog, First timers guide to NewYork *. Obviously I have not been there, but this seem really helpful. Also, if you are like me and like “useless facts of the day” you do want to go and read 40 blow your mind facts about NYC *. I am preparing for this trip and I have lists (I love making lists) about what I want to photograph (and for inspiration) I am following New York Airbook on Instagram*. His photos are amazing and I hope I get the opportunity to take shots like these.

So, these are a few things I would like to do in New York:

Visit Ground Zero to pay my respects
Get a tattoo at one of the best shops in NYC
Eat a corn dog
Ride in a yellow cab
Ride the subway
Ride a bike in Central Bike (maybe through the city)
Skate in Central Park
Go for a run in Central Park
Watch a show on Broadway
Visit Brooklyn
Visit the Istore..and maybe buy something (hahahaha)
Be there for the countdown and dropping of the ball at New Year in Times Square!
Ride the ferry
Do as much free stuff as possible
Get a tour with a local to check out all the local spots!
Maybe visit a club…( I’m still thinking about this)

My main objective is to experience the culture, eat funny stuff we don't get in SA and  take as much interesting photos as possible. I want to take pictures that people want to look at. 

I made a photography bucket list:

Aerial shot from the top of a building (empire state if possible?)
Black&White shots ALL OVER the city
Grand Central Station in colour and Black&White
Times Square at night!
Skyline at night (and day)
Central Park at day and night, colour and Black&White
Brooklyn Bridge at funny angles in Black&White
Central Park on Christmas Day
A Yellow Cab! I need one of that photo’s like I have above in B&W with the yellow
A street vendor selling corn dogs (and maybe a doughnut or two)
Ground Zero
Buildings, buildings, buildings and did I mention buildings (any suggestions?)
The sunset at Brooklyn Bridge

This is my dream. This is where I would like to go. I will probably work in a side trip to Washington DC as well and of course visit my friend. I am going to do anything and everything in my power to make this dream a reality. 

I would like to hear from you if you have a destination that tickles your fancy? Please share your dream destination with us!

I will speak to you soon!


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Saturday 22 August 2015

Girl Online by Zoë Sugg {Book review}

Hello there!

Months after I posted Unboxing Zoella and I said that I am going to read her book, I did it. I finished it earlier this week. I really enjoyed it. It is definitely aimed at 13-17year old girls, but it was just so cute. It made me reminisce about when I was that age.
Book review
It's a girly, squishy, teenage romance. It's got all the elements. I had my own theories about Noah's secret, but I liked the fresh twist it took. I loved the family setting, friendships and the really nice people. I think this is definitely a read that teenage girls can relate too. It's a great feel good read.

I found it easy to read and the pace was not too fast and I loved all the drama/realisations at the end. I think what I also liked was that the scenarios was actually realistic. It happens almost everyday and that makes it even more relatable in today's life.

I would like to say well done to Zoë. For a first time the plot was really cool, predictable as a teenage romance is, but relatable (hence the 3 stars).

This is not my normal choice of reading (obviously since I am much older), but it was a fresh breeze. Have you read anything lately that's been out of your "comfort zone or usual reading material"? I would love to hear about it. I am always on the look out for new books to devour!

Speak to you soon

Saturday 15 August 2015

Photography Smotogrophy #2

Hey guys!
So, I finished my photography course early due to unforeseen circumstances, but I did it and got pretty good marks for it. It is safe to say that I did it with a distinction. Yeah me! If you missed the first half go check it out H E R E .

I had a variety of topics to photograph. The easiest of these was the "painting with light". The most difficult was the portraits. I just don't gel with it. I think night photography is my thing. So I will explore that. 

All these shots were done with my Canon 700D and I used the kit lens (18-55mm) and my zoom lens (70-300mm).

(Disclaimer: This is my own work. Please do not use any of these pictures without my written consent. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard)

Aperture. We had to take two photos at the same angle. 1 With a big aperture and 1 with a small aperture. These were my submissions.
Aperture 1:f3.5 1/1250sec ISO-100 18mm

Aperture 2:f36 1/10sec ISO-100 55mm
Close up. I struggled to find something that would really make a cool close up. I settled for a bicycle. I think it came out pretty cool, but my mentor had some very good suggestions. Next time it will be even cooler!
Close up 1:f5 1/20sec ISO-200 43mm

Close up 2:f5.6 1/15sec ISO-200 55mm
Group Portraits. I struggle with portraits. I find it difficult to take a creative photo and not the normal "just stand there". And the composition. Again, my mentor said I should watch out for a few things, but I did not do to bad.
Group 1:f4.5 1/1600sec ISO-100 120mm

Group 2:f4 1/2000sec ISO-100 31mm
Topic: Here we go. This was my submission. My friends "bakkie". I really like this picture.
f3.5 1/40sec ISO-800 18mm
Campus outing. We went on a campus outing for one of our lessons and this was not a submission, but I took this on that outing.
f5 10sec ISO-100 37mm
Head&Shoulders Portrait. Again, not my strong point, but it came out pretty well.
Head&Shoulders 1:f5.6 1/800sec ISO-100 300mm

Head&Shoulders 2:f5.6 1/1000sec ISO-100 255mm

Head&shoulders 3:f5.6 1/800sec ISO-100 300mm
Landscape. I struggle a bot with composition and keeping the horizon straight...will just have to practice!
f5 1/250sec ISO-100 37mm
My favorite thing. What more can I say. Coffee and Books. It does not matter if it's digital. As long as I can read I am happy! Don't forget my plant. Love greens!
f6.3 1/80sec ISO-400 48mm
Black&White. This was the most exciting outing we did. We visited a local scrapyard and we had to take all the photo's in black and white. I had so much fun. This was my best one and my submission.
f5 1/1250sec ISO-100 29mm
Topic: Winter. Blankets, books, pj's, chunky socks and lots of coffee! What more can I say?
f3.5 1/30sec ISO-400 18mm

Still life. I struggled with this one. I had another photo, but it was too flat and did not give dimension. So, this one is my re-submission and it was perfect. 

F5 1/60sec ISO-100 32mm
Full body Portrait. My lovely friend. Thanks for playing model!Could have composed it differently, but I did well with this one.
F4.5 1/1600sec ISO-100 130mm
Painting with light. The next few photographs was the most fun! I really enjoy night photography. I submitted the second one and got full marks. Yeah me! I cannot wait to explore and better my night photography skills.
Painting with light 1:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm
Painting with light 2:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm

Painting with light 3:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm

Painting with light4:f3.5 25sec ISO-100 18mm

Painting with light 5:f3.5 25sec ISO-100 18mm
I hope you enjoyed this post. I am now done with my course and now I should go out and take some pictures! What do think I should photograph or do you like photographing certain things? Leave a comment below!

I shoot with canon!

Speak to you soon

Saturday 8 August 2015

Empties | Products I've used up {July}

Products I've used up

Yes, it is time for another "Empties", but this time will be different. I will put my thoughts on paper. It will also be a bit of a product review. So, here we go.

1. Gyna Guard Ultimate Intimate Wash (Ideal pH4.5, Soap & Scent free). This is a monthly staple, so this will always be a part of my empties. I have considered trying a different wash (this one is quite expensive and there are cheaper products available), but this one works and while I can still afford it I will use it. It's a great product without any issues and does the job just fine. Ladies, grab yourself a bottle next time you are at Clicks or Dischem.

2. Mitchem Advanced Gel (in Pure Fresh scent) This is also a monthly staple and again, if it works why change it. I have tried out a few in my life and nothing seems to hold fast like this product. A definite repurchase. 

3. Tampax (Super) I really hate this product. I have been using Lilets forever. I could not find the size I wanted and resorted to trying something else. I did not even finish this box. I just chucked it. It does not expand very well and it comes apart (this is the best I can explain it). There is nothing wrong with the absorption, but everything else is horrible, even the individual packaging. I will never buy this again.

4. The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel (Soap free cleanser) What can I say. I actually don't have to say anything when it comes to The Body Shop products. It is no secret that I absolutely love their products and it is soap free so it is easy on the skin. Repurchase every single time.

5. Tresemmé Dry Shampoo (Translucent) I was not that impressed with this product. It does not hold that long. I know it is only a "quick" solution when a crisis arises and a hair wash is out of the question. It made my hair look dull and lifeless and did not give the impression of a "hair wash". Money wise the bottle size was just fine. I did use it quite a few weeks. But, my verdict: I'm going back to Batiste.

6. Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner (Blackest Black) LOVE this eyeliner. It is waterproof, stays the whole day and gentle on the eyes. I am already using the new one a lot.

7. Sorbet Hydrating Face Mask Clarifying and Moisturising (with Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid and With hazel) This is the first mask I bought and used from Sorbet and I am highly impressed. Your skin feels refreshed and so soft. I have heard Allison Anderson talk about Hyaluronic Acid a lot. It really does wonders for the skin. I have repurchased this. I am trying out a different face mask. It is not expensive and feels almost like a salon facial. But for a quick fix if money is tight-try it out!

8. Indola Innova Thermal Protector Setting Spray. This is a salon product. I love the smell of this product, but more than that I find sometimes these products tend to feel like hair spray on your hair. This does not feel like that. It makes your hair soft and shiny and it smells divine! I am struggling to find this a bit, so as soon as I see it again I will add one to my cart.

9. Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream (Nude) I could not find this for a while and it really upset me. In summer I want something light with a tint to hide some light blemishes and this works. It does not "suffocate" the skin and just gives it the tint it needs without it looking cake-y. It blends well and is super moisturising. This also does not stand back for any heat and sits tight on your face for up to 8 hours. When Summer comes I will be armed with a few bottles of this BB Cream.

10. LUSH Bath Products At last I have finished my LUSH that was a gift from the UK. I did a review on these specific products. You can go and read it H E R E

11. Beauty Factory Country Garden Sweet Pea Body Soufflé Absolutely amazing. That was my first impression. As much as I love the body butters from The Body Shop I actually prefer this one. It is light on the skin, applies easy and it smells delicious. And best is you can apply it everyday without it getting greasy or layered. I know us girls wanna smell really nice, don't we?! I have not seen this anywhere except at The Body Factory in Woodlands, so if you cross it somewhere, let me know.

What have you emptied recently that you were really impressed by or maybe super disappointed with? Leave a comment below.

Speak to you soon!

Saturday 1 August 2015

Instagram Diary {July}

Hey guys,
This months Instagram Diary is full of Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, Photo's of my kitty and cockatiel, food and a few blog posts. I have not done this in a while and thought it would be fun.
I always have fun putting this together. I use Corel Draw x6 to create the grid. Such a user friendly program.


Speak to you soon

Instagram: elrevandenheever
{From left to right}
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