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Sunday 31 August 2014

Hairstyles, ripples and earthquakes

Hey guys,

so, I decided I am going to share my hair transformation with you, but I am not going to take a #selfie. 

While I was sitting in bed now I heard something funny and then a ripple ran underneath (or was it through?) my house. 

Now, lately earthquakes has become a "normal" occurrence in South Africa. Just the other day we had a 5.4 earthquake on the  Richter Scale and now "shaking" and "ripples" has become normal. It stills scare the crazy crap out of me when it happens, but I think I am awake enough now to share with you the wonders of my hair.

It started in 2011 after I got married. I have ALWAYS wanted long, gorgeous brown hair. And then it started. I decided I was going to let my crazy hair grow out.

In between I did some crazy colouring and at times I wanted to take a clipper and shave it all off, but I got there. I got the point where I had long brown hair (the gorgeous part was debatable).

I absolutely loved my hair. I even created and album on Facebook (  devoted entirely to my hair and the crazy, wonderful styles I made it in (inspired by Cute Girls Hairstyles ( 

And then it started... 

In March of this year I cut it off to just above my shoulders. I was quite surprised at how fast it started growing longer again and then a crap load of stuff started happening in my life that made me really excited and I decided that I need a totally new hairstyle for this new phase in my life. I was growing up and I wanted something that suited my personality. 

At first I thought that people were nuts when they talked about hair and how it fits a persons personality, but I realised they were not all off their marbles as I thought.

So off to the hair salon I went. My hair stylist asked me "so what are we doing today?". 
My response: We are cutting it off!
Her response: "Whaaaaaaat? (like the minion on Despicable me 1)

I was so excited and happy and giddy and all in one. She just laughed at and with me. It was such a rush. Before she made the first cut she asks me: "Are you sure?" I am just like YASSSSSS!

Let me just back track. When I started cutting my hair at her salon my first instruction to her was "don't touch the length" because it took me more than 2 years to get it to the length it was when it was at it's longest. So this is why it was quite strange nr 1 in March when I cut if short and now as well. Because just the other day I was still saying "I'm growing it again". Yeah right...

I am overwhelmed by the responses I have been getting all day and it makes my heart sing. Everyone, including me (haha), agrees that this style just suites me and my personality better. It brings "me" out and I really enjoy and love this style.

I think what absolutely made my day was when I walked in the room and my husband did a double take on me. That feeling. Inside I was like "yess" (rubbing that imaginary chip off my shoulder). It felt GREAT.

Now for some pictures... This is the adventure of my hair:
I think a hairstyle does speak your personality and the short just does it for me. So today I walked in myself but came out a new myself. I have no idea if this makes sense. And even if you think I have gone stark crazy that is also ok. I feel at home.

This is what happens when you grow up :)

Well, this is a little crazy of myself. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite hairstyle is and what you think suites you best.

Speak to you soon...or sooner 

Saturday 23 August 2014

Shopping Spree...WOOT WOOT!! {I ♥ Woodlands Boulevard}

Hello peeps!

How are you today? I am doing very well and today I am bringing you another fashion blog! Can I hear a Woot Woot!?

I absolutely LOVE shopping. And I love saving up some money and then go and spoil myself. I mean what is more fun than running (ok, maybe walking) into a shopping mall and spending all your hard saved money? Not everything though, but your savings specifically for that spree! It is awesome!

After I did my HUGE Winter Haul Shopping I went to visit my friend in Pretoria. Now, I have visited the centre before, but this time I actually walked through the whole centre and man was I impressed! What a jewel is Woodlands Boulevard 
( in Pretoria, Garsfontein. It’s got ALL the shops that I LOVE like Exclusive Books, The Body Shop, Cotton On, Fossil, Woolworths to name only a few. I LOVED our shopping expedition there and that is why I am doing my blog today.
This “little” centre has got all the favorite shops and it is not as busy as the bigger shopping centers obviously, but the fact that it has such a cool variety is awesome! 

Any way. You get the picture. Fab mall and happy shopper. Let’s get down to business.

First up I visited The Body Shop. 3 for 2 sale..YES PLEASE! It took me quite some time to decide what I want, but this is my purchase:

I bought the following:

Brazil Nut Body Wash – it smells divine!
Mango flavored Body Mist – need I say more??
Vitamin E Eye Cream – I am really looking forward to trying this out. I have never owned eye cream *gasp*
Mango Flavoured Lip Balm – This stuff, wowzer. Moisture is the word that comes to mind.

Now, after this we walked through the mall a bit and I saw Cotton On kids. My first thought is “there MUST be a Cotton On”. So, my hubby and I keep walking and I am leaning ti ine side as if I will be able to see around corners-wouldn’t that be cool? And then I saw it “hear the choir!” Again..two for R200 and TWO pairs of sunglasses for R180. What more do you want.

I bought:

Two T’s for R200. Really comfy and the new “low cut V” SAXY.
And off course two pairs of sunglasses. SOLD! 

I’m in ♥!

And last but not least. If you watch my videos you will know that I love reading and no shopping haul is complete without a book..or 3.

Exclusive was my last stop. Well, we did go to Lovisa, but the budget didn’t allow some bling. So, next time.

I saw these books on Youtube by Booktubers and the reviews is good for all of them. I cannot wait to dive in and loose myself in these!

I bought:

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and
The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky.
And don’t forget my gorgeous holder for my glasses! It’s so darn cute with the little cows on it!

So, this is how I spent a Saturday morning.

I would love to hear from you what your favourite shops is and what you like to buy. The next time I will go around there I am SO visiting Lovisa as well!

Well, that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Speak to you soon…or sooner!

Sunday 17 August 2014

DIY | French Canvas

Halloo There!

How yah doin? Today’s blog is all DIY! And I am really excited to show this to you guys! Look at how pretty this looks against my wall!

So, let’s jump right in!

You will need the following:

4 Canvas or Wooden blocks
Glue gun
A picture
and some newspapers to cover the area for spills.

I keep saying Canvas, but it is actually wooden blocks. Whatever works the easiest for you. Learning from this experience, next time I will use a Canvas. I also used water based paint, but you are welcome to use any that works.

It is SO easy!

1. Take your picture and trace it onto your canvas. i cut out my picture and colored the back and then draw on it against the canvas and that left the outline picture on it. If you can draw really well (which I can’t) just redraw your picture on the canvas.

I decided to go all French on this one. I LOVE the Eiffel tower and the language. I wish I could visit again! *sigh*

2. Now, take your glue gun and trace the picture with the glue over the outline. It will look like the picture on the right.

Leave it a few minutes to dry. It does not take too long.

3. After the glue have dried, take your paint and brush and give it a nice thick coating. Now, here I used two different brushes. I used a smaller one to cover the outline and underneath and after that I took the big brush and gave the rest a coat. I let it dry for a few minutes and then give another coating. I only needed to coat it twice.

4. Now let it dry. Go make yourself a nice cup of hot tea and eat a piece of chocolate to reward your hard work.

5. After all have dried, ask you hubby, boyfriend, partner, a friend whoever is available to add some nails to the wall and voila! It is done! And doesn't it look so pretty?!

I really had a lot of fun doing this and I am planning on doing some more DIY! Let me know what you would like to see!

Ok peeps.

I will speak to you soon...or sooner!

Saturday 9 August 2014

I am E.X.C.I.T.E.D!

You know that feeling when you are SO excited and you can’t contain it and there is too much information that needs to bubble? This is STILL an understatement of how I feel today. There is just so much happening!

Today’s blog is going to be a bit different than my usual one’s, but it is not like my usual blog have a follow through topic, hey? I am going to share with you what is going on in my life and what the next few months are going to look like. Oh my goodness! I am E.X.C.I.T.E.D! So let’s jump in.

Wow, where to start. So, let’s starts with my actual day to day. On Tuesday I will be playing my first piano competition. I am SO nervous! This is not my exam though..that is only at the end of September. After my exciting competition I will be in George from Wednesday to Friday for a work related conference about examination cricket.. BUT what follows the weekend is going to be EPIC!  From Friday to Sunday I will be in Pretoria visiting my “tjommie” and that Saturday we are entering a MALL! Dun dun dun! SARS was so lovely to give me some pocket money. So, in celebration of being a tax payer and earning some back, I will be spoiling myself at Menlyn Shopping Centre. And guess what! If you follow me on Pinterest you will know what I am getting! haha *evil laugh* (Just work with me hear)

This is where it gets exciting. I have been spoiling myself A LOT lately. So I will be recording a video on ALL my shopping I have done recently and it will be a HUGE Winter Haul (well, for me it is huge). That video will be live on the 23rd of August...this year! 

But that is not it, yet. In September (heaven help me, I don’t know what I have challenged myself with) I will be uploading videos! Let this hang there for a few seconds and absorb it.

Yes, I have challenged myself to a Yoga/Pilates month and I decided I am going to keep a vlog of it on my YouTube channel. So please, please come and join me and support me in this mission. I decided to do this because I want to see how that changes my running and what difference it really makes. It will be short videos and I will be documenting everything. You will find out ALL of my measurements, my weight and I will even keep a food diary. And to proof that I am actually doing Pilates/Yoga I will record some bits.

It does not stop here! I stumbled upon the Booktuber (I did not even know this existed) community on YouTube and I fell in love! I am an avid reader and when I started watching this videos, let me just say that I am in it. Hook, line and sinker! So, I don’t know yet how I am going to incorporate this into my month seeing that most months only have 4 Saturday’s (they should definitely look into that), but you will be seeing more of my love for reading and love for books on my channel. Eeeeeek, I think this excites me the most.

Nooooooooooooooo, I am lying!

I am sure not everybody knows this, but November is the Diabetes Awareness Month. World Diabetes Day is on the 14th of November. I have never embraced my Diabetes as I am currently doing it. I joined a group on Facebook called MadeULook:
MadeULook for a cure (
This page is run by Alexys Cheyenne Fleming and I am inspired! She is a self-taught make-up artist and a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 13 if my memory is not failing. You can check out her blog here: For the first time in a VERY long time I don’t feel so alone and I am love interacting with the peeps on the Facebook page.
I have decided to do another series of videos for Diabetes awareness in November..uploading I go back again to “heaven help me I don’t know what I have challenged myself with”. BUT this makes me spark, ignite, call it what you what. I cannot wait. 
I am going to do the series up until my birthday which is the 21st, because after that I will be partying until the end of November hahaha. My parents agreed to help me with this series AND I am getting a tattoo for Diabetes (I am just working on the design still). I am REALLY excited because I hope through this I can create awareness and reach out to the peeps here in SA and share my story.  I also contacted Casual Day and asked if it is possible for me to become and ambassador. I am awaiting their feedback and will update on that as soon as it happens.
I haven’t mentioned October really because I am keeping that as a “rest” month. BUT, MY SISSY IS COMING TO VISIT ME!

And it is AARDKLOP! Oh yah, so of course I will be vlogging for that! Hmm, I like festivals! And it will be my 28th Diaversary (for those who don’t know this is my Diabetic Anniversary). I got the word and idea from the peeps of the page I told you about and I think it is a great idea to celebrate the years that I have had this super power. Yeah, I am Diabetic, what is YOUR super power?

I think I have covered all the exciting stuff happening to me and around me. I hope you are just excited as I am and that some have rubbed off on you!

And as it is National Woman’s Day today in SA, to all the woman out there! We are all super heroes!

I would like to hear from you what you think. Please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!


Saturday 2 August 2014

Banana and PB Chocolate Covered Drops {Sugar-free} | Recipy

Halloooo there!

How have YOU been!? I have been goooood. I had some tough choices to make these last few days, BUT I survived it and I am hitting our new path hard and on the go. Lots and lots happening. 

BUT, today's blog is NOT about what'ss up in my life. Today's blog is all about healthy, yummy, sugar free treats! And who doesn't love that? 

We have all probably seen this on Pinterest, but I wanted to share my experience with you.

The best thing about this is, the fat is way lower than normal sugar free foods. So lets jump right into it!

First let me temped you with a picture!
Mmm, doesn't that look yum-my!

You will need the following:
+- 5 Bananas
Jar of peanut butter (It can be ANY, your favourite or your least favourite)
+-250-300g of chocolate (preferably plain with no added nuts or fruits. I used for my 10 a bar of Canderel 85g)
Wax paper to line the bowls

This makes about 40

Step 1:
Cut the bananas into slices, well after you have peeled them 

Step 2:
(I did not have wax paper so I used Spray and Cook. Works just as well) Place the bananas neatly next to each other. Take a knife and dip the tip into the PB (For those who don't know, this is PEANUT BUTTER, my FAVOURITE) and spread on top of the banana. 

Step 3:
Add the top banana to all your PB covered banana slices.

Step 4:
Put the banana's in the freezer for an hour

Step 4:
Melt your chocolate. 
Here you can use your own initiative. I saw this neat trick once (well I think it is neat) with melting chocolate. You take a bowl with water and heat it up. It SHOULD NOT boil. As soon as it boils turn off the heat and start again. You put a glass bowl into the water and add the chocolate. Keep the water warm and eventually the chocolate will melt without burning. As soon as everything is smooth remove it from the heat.

 Step 5:
Cover your banana and pb with the melted chocolate. 
Here you can add as much or as little chocolate as you like. I used a teaspoon and let it drip over until it covered the whole drop or just let it run of the sides.

Step 6:
Put the banana and PB chocolate covered drops back in the freezer for at least 3 hours. We did and then took it out and put it in the fridge, but it went all gooey. I would say put it in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours.

And whala, you are done. Enjoy as a dessert with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) or just eat it as a little sweat treat.

We made this in the winter which was probably not a good idea seeing that is freezing on your teeth, BUT it was a great hit with our friends and the whole taste of it is just...hmmm YUMMY!

AAAAAAND it is completely sugar free.

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe. Please share you pictures with me if you make it. You can tweet or Instagram me. The links is on the right side. Big, bright and PINK!

Leave a comment with your thoughts. I would LOVE to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!