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Sunday 28 December 2014

Christmas in a day

Hey guys,

I can not believe that Christmas has come and gone, so fast! We had a lovely day and I am blessed to have spent it with family and friends. This post will be a bit different. It will almost be something like "a day in my life". Hope you enjoy it!

We started our morning with lovely Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie (check out Ingrid Nilsen's Video on how to make it). We went to our Church service and then...we opened our presents!!! I LOVE exchanging gifts. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

We had a lovely lunch at our local restaurant, The Broken Pot, and then we set off to visit family in Pretoria and Secunda. Even little Watson traveled with us. He was not a happy chappy.

It was a lovely day and I hope you guys had the opportunity to spend this day with your loved ones.

I am excited for 2015 and can not believe that it is only 3 sleeps away! Where did this year go?!Don't go anywhere! Some insight to follow before the last day of this year! (feels creepy saying that!)

Speak to you soon...or sooner!


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