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Friday 29 May 2015

Empties | Products I've used up

Products used up and empties
My empties bag in my bathroom were overflowing with bottles and tubes. I decided that instead of writing everything out and it getting to a super long post, I will record a video for you and give my opinions on all the products I've used up over the past few months.

There is nothing more satisfying than throwing away an empty bottle. It is something like "good I've finished it and moving on".

I hope you enjoy this video.

What have your empties bag look like recently?

Speak to you soon...or sooner!


Saturday 23 May 2015

Paper to Kindle {Paperwhite} & Cinder Book Review

Kindle VS Books
Kindle or book or kindle? I've have seen one to many Kindle VS Real Book videos on Youtube. I was still on the fence till about a month ago. 

It all started when I wanted to clean up my life and home a bit from "stuff". The whole minimalism lifestyle {I have to admit I am not so good at it}. I donated 95% of my books. I basically cleaned out my bookshelf. I kept only my favorites and the rest I drove down to the local library and a few to my good friend. 

Before we get to my first e-book I would like to share that I absolutely love my Kindle. I bought the Kindle Paperwhite. I love the fact that it is easy on the eyes. I had no problem reading in a pitch black room seeing that we have load shedding {Don't know what load shedding is? Go read What is load shedding?} quite frequently these days I was glad to have this little companion. It's compact, lightweight and just so damn easy to use. Ok, enough about the Kindle.

I bought Cinder by Marissa Meyer as my first e-book ever. I loved every single (screen) page of it. I powered through the book. I was surprised how fast I read it. 

I can never give an awesome description as the author usually does, so if you want to know what it's all about go check out this Goodreads summary I loved the characters and the setting. The story is so intriguing and you cannot help to turn the page. "Just one more page". The plot twists kept everything moving. Loved it.Worth a solid 4 stars. I am looking forward to Scarlet.

I can safely say that I am now a digital reader. I am embarking on endless digital possibilities.  I won't go entirely digital. I will always have a special place for paper; I mean the smell and feel of a new book and the beautiful covers, who does not like that? I will always buy books too!

What have you been reading lately and are you a digital of paper reader?

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Saturday 16 May 2015

1 Year old {10 Years Time}

If someone told me when I started blogging that I am going to reach 1000 views, I would not have believed them. And here I am today. My 100th post with 8000+ views. I can go on about how great you are and I could not have done it without you reading my blog, but you know that already. You are great and awesome and I just want to thank you. 

Thank you!

Embracing life with Social media included. It’s all possible” was my first ever post on 5 April 2014. This was written a year after I had a breakdown (the previous year) and after I shut down Facebook and everything. It is amazing how your perspective can change and how different you see things when really focusing on the positives and sorting out your life. I have grown and changed so much since then.

Then on 7 September 2014 I said thank you to you guys in “The first 1000 views”. I could not believe it. I told my husband “you need to come check this out!”. I was dumbstruck, but ecstatic! 
Now, today a year later (well more than a year) and with my 100th post I am grateful that there are people who have followed me and read my blog and interact with me. This journey so far has been AWESOME!

I also thought it was a good idea to include my “In 10 years’ time” post. So, here you go. 

I have seen the video version of “10 years’ time” floating around Youtube, but I would like to rather write it out. I am a blogger after all. 

I actually hate this question. I have heard this question being asked in interviews so many times and usually it ends with a vague “I would like to impress this company” answer. But, I don’t have to answer this question to an interviewer today. Today I am answering it for myself. I had time to think.

Where would I like to see myself in 10 years’ time?

First off I realised a daunting fact that I will be 40 years old in 10 years’ time. Hell yes to that! Naughty fourties, that’s a discussion for in 10 years’ time. 

I hope in 10 years’ time I will still be doing my blog. I really enjoy writing a lot. 
I hope in 10 years' time I will be doing something that I love career wise ( I am in a very shitty job situation at the moment and I am working on that).
I hope in 10 years’ time I will still be healthy and here.
I hope in 10 years’ time I would have had the opportunity to see NYC in the living flesh.
I hope in 10 years’ time my family and friends are still around and healthy
I hope in 10 years’ time I will be able to ride a horse without falling off

Nobody knows what will happen in 10 years’ time. We can set goals and point out dreams but what is going to happen, that is a mystery. Here’s to the next 10 years!

I challenge you to go and sit down and think about 10 years’ time. Where would you like to see yourself? Comment away below.

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Saturday 9 May 2015

Photography Smotography {Part #1}

Hey guys!
This post has to do with the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year. If you did not see that post go read it here No to resolutions YES! to goals.
So, this is sort of an update.

Currently I am enrolled in a photography course. I am at Level 1. They teach you how to shoot in manual mode with some nifty tricks. 

We had some assignments we needed to complete the past 2 months and I would like to share them with you. All these were shot with my Canon 700D in manual.

{This is my own work. Please do not copy/use any of these photographs without my written approval. Your cooperation is appreciated in this regard.}

 Capture Movement {f/5 1/1250sec ISO-400 44mm} -This was one of the first assignments.
Scene composure {f/3.5 1/500sec ISO-200 20mm} I am going to re-submit this one. I am not satisfied.
 Sunrise over Potchefstroom Dam {f/25 1/10sec ISO-200 27mm)
 Show movement {f/22 1/15sec ISO-800 55mm}
 Shoes {f/5 1/500sec ISO-100 38mm}
 Aperture {f/5.6 1/160sec ISO-400 55mm}
 Aperture {f/22 0.8sec ISO-400 24mm}
 Turning night to day {f/3.5 30sec ISO-100 18mm}
Kitchen {f/4 1/25sec ISO-100 24mm}

I am really having a lot of fun. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Please leave a comment below. Don't be mean. We are all friends here.

Speak to you soon...or sooner!