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Sunday 27 September 2015

My Weight Loss Story {and action plan}

Today I would like to spill my guts {and heart} with regard to being healthy and weight management. It’s hard and not a very nice story, but if it helps 1 person then I have accomplished what I wanted to.

I have always been a pudgy, chubby child. Not entirely out of shape, but I had flabby parts. In my life I have had people tell me to my face that I am fat, I have been called names, been rejected and ignored (especially by the opposite sex) and had someone very close to me hurt me right in the center of my being because of my weight.

I had a girl follow me around in Gr2 constantly shouting at my back {I could not face her} that I am a fatty-boom-boom {it made a very nice chant}. I even had a person blackmail me with regard to my eating habits. 

I have developed an unhealthy relationship with food. Whenever I am sad or angry or need a lift-me-up, I would turn to food. It used to be fast food for example KFC, McDonalds etc. Sweets, chips, chocolates and cookies very often made their appearance too. Over the years I have turned to carbs a lot more. I replaced fast food with pasta, bread and refined carbs like crisps. I also have a bad habit of eating when I am bored.

Ever since I was little I have always had someone watch me with a hawk’s eye.  It is safe to say that I have been best friends with doctors and dietitians since I was born {this is not just because of my weight but due to the fact that I am a type 1 Diabetic}. 

Why I am telling you all this? I need you to know that the struggle is real and where I come from. This is not just another post with some tips of the internet and that this is as real as it is going to get. 

I broke up with a boyfriend many years ago and at that stage I was immensely over weight {but not obese}. After it ended I really felt disgusted with myself and I decided to take action. I lost 10kg’s. I was so proud and I felt great. I have gained the weight again and lost some and it went see-saw like that for a quite a few years. 

In 2010 I was the leanest I have ever been, but from there it kind of went south. I have gained all the weight I lost and I have back fat! I live in my “fat pants” and denims {my favorite thing in my closet} are almost a no-go these days. I can blame this on many events in my life and I can pin point where things went wrong, but it doesn’t matter. What matters today, right now is that I am going to try again. My dietitian once told me that if I did not try I would have been at a much worse place than I am now. 

It is really challenging! I wanted to lose a few kg’s before my 30th birthday {it is part of my goals for 2015}, but you know what. I failed again. Up until today I have not lost a single kg. I did, but I gained again. I feel like such a failure, but I am going to try again. 

After all this and everything that happened I have come to a point where I knew I needed some accountability. So, this is the reason I am telling you all this. I have made a decision to put this out there, on my spot on the internet, and make myself accountable to someone.

This is how I am going to do it. 

My mom and I were driving to the mall earlier this week and they were talking about a new diet on the radio. Another quick fix. I remember telling my mom that people are approaching a healthy lifestyle the wrong way. I never go on diets. I have banned the word diet from my vocabulary.  What I have been doing is trying to cut out junk from my menus and trying to fill it with healthier choices {it’s a daily struggle}.  

I am armed with everything that I need to know with regard to me being healthy, getting fit and losing weight. I have heard the same things over and over. No carbs at dinner, less carbs throughout the day, get rid of {added} sugar-obviously for my diabetes as well-healthy fats, more fiber, fruits etc. I have also decided to stay away from a scale until I see my dietitian again {in November}. What I want to focus on is making healthier choices and to start moving again. The couch is hurting my back.

I am going to forget about my original goal in my 2015 goals and focus on getting me mentally and physically strong and healthy without the pressure of losing x-amount of kg’s. 

I am taking the day-by-day approach. Life happens and setting unrealistic goals puts unnecessary pressure on you.

My action plan:
♥ I would like to start drinking more water. Now, I do not want to drown myself and I am aiming for 1.5L a day, but if I only make 1L that is perfect. It is more than no water at all. I bought this water bottle from Typo and I love it! It is snazzy and it keeps 1L! It is much easier on you mentally to get that 1L. I know..a lot of mind games.
You can go and buy yourself one here for ZAR99.00 (AUS$9.99)
♥ I would like to move more. I don’t necessarily mean running 10km’s or going to the gym 5 times a week-don’t be unrealistic. When I say move, I mean take the stairs instead of the lift {I never take the lift, but I am just saying} or go for a walk when you have the chance instead of watching nonsense on TV. This video of Suzelle DIY is great inspiration {link not affiliated} 

I had a personal trainer and I attended bootcamp for a few months. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I cannot afford either of these anymore. I have held onto this reason for quite some time. It was a comfort zone. “Oh I don’t have the money so I will stay on the couch”. Enough is enough. I went onto my Pinterest (Healthy Living Pinterest Board) where I have aimlessly pinned hundreds of quick exercise charts and chose one that I know I can fit into my day. It is short, quick and I tried it last night- I can feel the burn!

♥ I would like to start attending races {or fun runs} again. There is no excuse to not attend one. We have at least 5 races every Saturday morning all around us. I am going to try and fit in a race at least once a month. It is realistic and reachable.

♥ I am going to try and make healthier choices with regard to my daily meals. I would like join my friend in October and take part in her No-Choctober month. I am going to limit my carbs, but I am not removing anything, just watching portions and be a little strict with myself. I am also going to try to stop eating when I am bored. Good luck to me!

♥ I had a laugh when I saw a picture once saying that “Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a dog”. Everybody loves rewards and something to work towards. So my motivation would be (I already own clothes I can work with it is just pulling it off) my My style inspo Pinterest Board. I would like to pull off these outfits ‘cause it is just so beautiful and all girls like feeling beautiful right?

I am keeping it simple. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and lose my rhythm before I even started. I will also check in again round about the same time my goals must come to an end and be reviewed.

I want you to understand one thing. I am doing this for me and nobody else. I am tired of being where I am and I would like to be healthy and fit when I turn 80 {hopefully} one day. I shared this if there is someone that needed a story like this. I am not done yet. I will keep on trying, because by trying I am not going backwards and I am demolishing all the lies I have been told by those ugly, rude people. 

I will leave you with this thought today:
I hope you took something positive from this today. If you have a story to share you are more than welcome to share it in the comments below or contact me.

Speak to you soon!

Remember-you are lovely!

Sunday 20 September 2015

Exploring the West Coast {National Park and Yzerfontein)

Hello there!
We explored the West Coast last weekend and I had the privilege of experiencing the flower season. I am so happy that Spring has sprung and that the weather is becoming gradually warmer. We camped at Yzerfontein Caravan Park (I grew up here over summer break in December. I have spent all my summer's here up until the age of 18). I have not been here in a year and a half''s time, so I was super excited when my parents said "let's go camping!". 

I took a gazillion pictures and I had a tough time sorting through them and deciding which I am going to share with you. I find photography challenging and exciting. I don't want my pictures to just be a picture. I want it to say something. I have to say I found it quite challenging photographing the flowers. It is not easy and I am not quite satisfied with the outcome. I will just have to research the topic a bit more. The first few pictures was all taken in The West Coast National Park and it is just flower galore. There is also some animals to see and there is a shop (which is open in peak season) and a restaurant where you can enjoy light meals after you're done exploring the park.

The lagoon rounds up into the West Coast National Park. I am a bit obsessed with the sea, so I took even more beach photo's! This was really tough going through them. I tried different angles, compositions and my shoes even made they debut!

9km from Yzerfontein there is "Die Padstal". Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, freshly baked scones, cake and light meals outside while listening to the sounds of the exotic bird's. They have a shop with hand made products, jams, clothing and here you can buy a fresh baked farm bread. The bread is delicious! You can ask anyone who's been there! The service is always with a smile and the food is delicious. Off course we stopped here for a scone and coffee and I took off with my camera in tow. 

My friend's parents owns a house at Yzerfontein. Everything about the house is hand made and they re-did the house all by themselves.

Now, this is the fun part. I went a bit bonkers on the beach with my camera trying out different angles, different times of the day, different compositions ect. Some of the shots came better out than expected and some still needs some practice. I had an absolute blast!

We even had some visitors. Don't let them fool you by their cute faces. They are quite the vicious ones. We fed them some meat, but they didn't want to take take it out our hands, oh no they flicked it out with their paw and we had to stand back a bit and then they grabbed it and ran away. It's actually quite cute. I enjoyed their company. I really miss my black cat, Batman.

I love the West Coast. There are all these cute town further up like Paternoster and Vredenburg and then Saldanah. Lovely people, great company, lay back atmosphere and Yzerfontein is just over an hour's drive from Cape Town (with a car only). And don't forget about the Strandloper (link not affiliated) restaurant. If you have not been here before you are missing out! There is loads to do, so jump in your car and go for a ride!

Do you have a place that you like to visit? Tell me about it in the comments!