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Sunday 27 July 2014

#OOTD {Foshini+Truworths+Cottonon} and a creepy expedition

Aloha,Hi, Hallo, Hello, Bonjour, Sawubona, ok I think that covers it. 

How are YOU guys doing? I had an uneventful week. I was under house arrest after going to the doctor thinking I had a light cold and getting booked off because of the flu!? Holy comoly?! 

I was so shocked the poor doctor felt the need to explain himself. It came out I had a whole bunch of stuff wrong with me. Any way. I am feeling MUCH better. I did a video yesterday on how I recover after the flu back into a human being. 

You can go watch it here:  

My friend and I set off on an adventure again and this time I saw a place I have not seen yet. Who knew Potchefstroom could be so interesting.

The LNR (Landbou Navorsings Raad) or ARC (Agricultural Research Council). I do not exactly know what they do here. I guess research hehehe on plant material? My friends dad use to work there and it was previously a pretty place to be (according to my friend), but now it is a bit neglected. This is also where the "Pampoen Boere", as the locals named the students  from the LNR, studied or still studies? I don't really know. Any who. I still LOVE old buildings and building my own picture of what is left behind. The only sad part is even though it is declared a heritage sight it will not be restored. So sad. And as you can see, the graffiti artists took over (ok, I think this was maybe used for a photo shoot...)

So, our main objective was to capture my OOTD! So, friend thank you for choosing this location. It was so cool and I LOVE the pictures.

Here is what I am wearing:
Top: The awesome A from Cottonon @Tygervalley
Jean: Foshini @Mooirivier Mall 
Shoes: The fabulous wedge tekkie @Truworths Adderley Street Cape Town(Thank you Superficial Girls for the ootd on these. They are fabulously comfie!)

So enjoy some photies.

Photo Credits: Marizanne Pretorius
This place do give a bit of a eerie feeling, and I SO badly wanted to disappear and jump out on my friend, BUT I don't like being scared either.

I hope you enjoyed this #ootd. I am looking forward to the rest to come. 

I am trying something different and I am not a fashionista, but I like fashion stuff. I am not making sense. I think..any way. 

Tell me what you would like to read about. I do appreciate every comment and suggestion.

Speak to you soon..or sooner!


Saturday 19 July 2014

#OOTD {I ♥ Foshini!} and of course my sillyness

Hey Ellerines! (hehe I just thought of that) It's actually another shops name...Looks like my name is connected to LOTS of shops, but that is a story for another day. How I got my name..hmm

I hope you all are awesome! I am always up to try new things and lately I have been stalking all the #ootd (if you don't know what this stands you got a lot to learn..just seriously-get with the program haha) It is the "hash tag" Outfit of the day. What are YOU wearing today??

My friendy is very good with her camera and I dragged her out (ok, no I lie, I asked her and she did it voluntarily :) ) to take a few photo's of me in my latest outfit. 

I wore this to my dad's birthday party. It is sooo comfy. 
Navy Blue/King's Blue Jersey/Top: It's almost cashmere like. It is SO soft and I just want to touch it the whole time!
Jean: It was a whole 50% off (bargain!) 
Ankle boots: is just a nice ankle boot (also VERY comfy). 
The scarf: is my own (prezzie from my friend all the way from Mauritius (Dankie Reynard). Hair: done by me:)
Bag: Now THIS is my favourite! I bought it from Zando. It is the Eternel Zipped Shopper Bag in Black. 

Let me expand on the BIG bag. I am a Diabetic and when we diabetics go shopping for bags our first thought usually is "Nope, that bag is still to small". We have quite a few things to carry around like your insulin, tester, wipes ect. If you are on the pump like some, well then you have a whole bunch of other stuff to carry as well. I do not know all the details. I am old fashioned with my pens.Hmm I should pull a prank on someone in April next year..Watch out I am coming for you hahahaha)

Any who. I had a great time doing this shoot and I think I'll be doing more (shoots that is). 

Let me know what you think. I value your feedback.

Have an awesome day. And now..for some photies!

**Photo Credits** Marizanne Pretorius

Speak to you soon...or sooner! 

Saturday 12 July 2014

Walking on clouds from Cape Town

What a fab weekend. But how can I expect anything different from beautiful Cape Town.

We had money thrown (oh I wish), ok owed to us because our increases only stepped in, in June. So I took all that extra money (after I saved and covered all my expenses) and went crazy in Tygervalley on Saturday. See, doesn’t this just look fab!

At one point we were in Zuri and as I walk in I see all this 50% discount posters, but not linked to one specific shelf. I approached the sales lady and asked if it was for everything in the shop. Her answer sent me through the roof. “Yes, it is for EVERYTHING!!!!!!“ I went ballistic. At one pointI showed my sister my shaking hand. Her reaction: “Really?” (Loaded with sarcasm). I just could not contain my excitement. Now let me just explain. Potchefstroom have 3 shopping centers (a 4th one is on the way) and they all basically have the same shops in it. Not a wide variety unfortunately. I grew up in a city, so small town life is great except for the missing shopping mall!

We celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday last weekend. It was quite a big thing. No wait, that is actually and under-statement. It was a HUGE affair! My dad is the first of the men in his family to reach the good age of 60. My granddad (I never had the privilege to meet him. I would have loved too) passed away around the age of 45. My uncle passed away round about age 52. My dad’s cousin had 3 brothers and they all passed away fairly quickly after each other before their late 50’s. You get the idea hey?

Any way. We had a wonderful dinner at The Hollow Tree in Bellville. I felt so loved. My parents organised my own sugar free pumpkin puffs and my mommy made me a sugar free dessert too!

When everyone arrived and we are trying to figure out exactly what the timeline of events should be, they all turn to me and say “well, you have to speech on your dad”. My sister said “ I am doing the toast and you (me) the speech”. Well I have been taken by surprise. I did not prepare anything.

Nervous and not sure of what to say I followed my heart. PR (for those who don’t know, this stands for Public Relations) is in my blood so I never back away from a speech. hehehe So I haven’t completed one sentence and both me and my dad were in tears. I just did not have the words to express my gratitude and how privileged I felt to still have my dad with me in a very healthy condition and still so full of life (metaphorically and literally!) .So after shedding what felt like liters of tears I struggled through my thoughts and words and gave my dad the words he deserve. It was only the best!

It was an evening to remember with good friends, family and lots of fun.

The weekend was over way to soon. On our way back in the plane I heard this little girl ask her dad loads of questions. I chipped in and explained that my ears always ache with the lift off and landing. And then..she.did.not.stop.talking! That should teach me a lesson, but it took my mind off the flight.

I have always been fond of flying, but lately not so much. We had a bit of bad (VERY BAD in my mind) turbulence the Friday evening and I felt like the hulk trying to squash something. Luckily it was just the arm rest. I was “blessed” with some turbulence on our way back as well, BUT I got some lovely shots of the snow and clouds. This little girl and I were discussing the probability of walking on the clouds. We have established that we will fall through on the thin ones but not the thick ones... I doubt if either one will work.

Speak to you soon...or sooner


Monday 7 July 2014

6 weeks, at the speed of a tortoise and sloth like movements.

That moment when you realise WHAT was I THINKING? How do you start exercising again after doing absolutely bugger all for more than 6 weeks? O you just start running a 4km (which was still fine) and then you go to the gym and do 3 vigorous sets of your strength training exercises and then you go (and try) doing speed training... and then we you start crying out in pain and feeling nauseous you realise again...WHAT was I THINKING?!

So, my husband and I have not been doing anything for 6 weeks, so last week Monday we started getting back to business again. Aaaaand we failed miserably. Tuesday was still fine after my slow-as-a-tortoise 4km, I could actually still walk the Tuesday. Tuesday is where it all went south. We went to the gym and my legs were screaming out in agony “please stop please stop”, but I thought “no man don’t be a sissy”. I pushed onwards and afterwards felt very proud of myself. I mean who is going to stop me? King of the world...yeah right!

Wednesday came and we started off for speed training. Now, imagine this. My whole body is shouting at me STOP, in the name of the exercise, please STOP. No, no no, there is no such thing. We are going to do this (I tell myself). 

Now, I am running at slower than tortoise speed. I am trying to keep my boobs in place (and that’s WITH a sports bra) because with every step I am sure they are going to rip from my chest muscles and without them I’ll suck. That was the longest, most agonising 2km I have ever done! My whole session was 18minutes plus and I only did 2km....I did not do any speed training. So you do the math on my average. Wednesday evening I was moving around slower than a sloth. Luckily my tummy works way more than theirs do and I have not grown any trees under my arms and feet! hahaha FYI their tummy only goes once a week or month( I am not sure-google it). 

Getting in and out of bed is like this..roll over...make funny the cat because even his light weight causes serious damage..fall out of bed and walk bent over. That was me for 3 days. The car...MI4 I am telling you! Getting into the car i felt like that advert where they hypnotised the people to think they are old. It was a combo of pregnant lady vs old lady. 

That moment when you realise “I am not wonder- or super woman”. BUT I still have the health to go for a run...I just need the common sense! :))

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Joke for the running squad..I am SURE I looked like this...
Photo Credit: