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Sunday 28 June 2015

Personalised Blackboard {DIY}

Hi there!
Recently my friend celebrated her birthday and I wanted to give her a personalised birthday gift. So I decided to make her this cute black board to keep some notes on.

It's so easy to make and it didn't take a lot of time at all.

Here is what you need:
A wood board (any size will do, it depends on your preference)
 Paint brush x 2 (if you have more than 2 colors add some more brushes)
 Glue Gun
 Paint (I used pink and black board paint)
 Stickers (I made these and printed it at a local print shop)
 and some tape


Add a piece of tape to where you would like to split the two colors. Paint the top part the color of your choice and the bottom part with the blackboard paint. Make sure your blackboard paint is mixed to prevent it from being a watery mess.

No let it dry. I left mine in the sun for about 40 minutes.


Add your stickers and ribbon. I added the ribbon where I split the two colors paint and then added my sticker. Make sure you even out the stickers so that it does not make bubbles.

There you have it.A personalised black board for a friend where she can write down notes, lists or even quotes.

Do you ever give your girlfriends persolised birthday gifts? I love doing this. It gives it that personal touch.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment below!

Speak to you soon!

Sunday 21 June 2015

My new Bookshelf {DIY}

Hey there!

So, recently I switched to a Kindle, but I still have some books that needed a space to be showcased. I did not entirely stop purchasing books, just less. 

I bought a "raw" bookcase to paint myself the color I want. I blame Pinterest. I see all these super cool ideas and I act on impulse and DIY stuff myself. 

You want one too? Here is what you need.

A raw bookshelf {I bought a handmade one at our local furniture shop}
Chalk paint
Wood Wax

It's easy. Paint your shelf and let it dry. The chalk paint dries very quickly. My husband and I painted like mad people.
Antique Wax
After the shelf is completely dry, paint a nice thick layer of wood wax to seal it. I left the shelf to dry over night.
 Voila!You are done!
 Go on now, decorate it to your hearts wildest desires!

I love my new bookshelf! I am looking forward to my next one!

I hope you like this post. Please leave a comment below. Do you like doing DIY's?

Speak to you soon!

Sunday 14 June 2015

Why I ♥ Winter

Why I Love Winter
 Why I Love Winter
Why I Love Winter

Winter is truly my favorite season. I should have been born in it! This is the season I can focus and where I usually shine! Here is a list of things that makes me love winter A LOT!

I get to read a lot
Fluffy blankets
(Lots) Hot chocolate
Burning candles (well, I do this in Summer too, but in Winter it is so romantic!)
Sitting in the early morning sun on a freezing morning
Winter pajama bottoms. Who does not like living in these! They are so comfy! I got mine from Cotton On.
Kitty cuddles
Sitting around a fire
Coffee and rusks
Afternoon naps
Loads of chocolate
Chunky socks (did you see the cute ones Woolworths have in stock lately?)

Do you like Winter or is there another season that excites you?

Speak to you soon!

Saturday 6 June 2015

Photo a day {in May}

Hey there!
I started with a photography course in February and I wanted to challenge myself and also get some practice. So, in May I did a "Photo a day in May". And what fun is it if you do it alone, so I called upon some of my friends to join me. I had so much fun and I also learned something new with every photo. I did realise though that I really need a tripod!  

I uploaded all the other photo's in an album on my Facebook. You can go check it out here.

Let's get going!

*** This is my own work. I shoot with a Canon 700D. Please do not copy or use any of the photo's without my consent. Thank you for your cooperation***

Photo a day list
The List

Photo a day
   f/14 1/13sec ISO-400 35mm
Day 1: Self Portrait
I thought this was a little challenging. I did not want to do the boring stand in front of the camera and pose, so I tried a different angle. I like this.

Photo a day 
f/22 0.8sec ISO-400 24mm
Day 2: What you wore
I blog. So what do bloggers do? They try and take pictures as creatively possible to show outfits and stuff. What do you think? Did I pass?

Photo a day
     f/7.1 1/125sec ISO-100 40mm
Day 3: Clouds
Funny story. On the day we had to take this picture there was not a single cloud in the sky. I had to go into my archives. This was one of the first pictures I took.

Photo a day
     f/5 1/60sec ISO-100 43mm
Day 4: Something Green
I just love my plant so much!

Photo a day
     f/3.5 30sec ISO-100 18mm
Day 5: After Dark
I hope one day I will have the opportunity to take magnificent star photos (My hubby is a physicist)

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/80sec ISO-200 35mm
Day 6: Obsession
I might have a very slight obsession with Yankee Candles..

Photo a day
f/4 1/500sec ISO-400 18mm
Day 7: Change to come
Fall is happening. 

Photo a day
     f/4 1/200sec ISO-100 31mm
Day 8: Routine
Oh goodness. What a routine. The life of a woman!

Photo a day
     f/5 1/640sec ISO-100 40mm
Day 9: Someone you love
My hubby! ♥♥♥ He is such a good model :)

Photo a day
      f/4 1/4000sec ISO-400 32mm
Day 10: Childhood memory
Who played hop scotch? So much fun!

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/25sec ISO-400 25mm
Day 11: Something Blue
My Kindle cover. I wrote about my kindle and what I think about it. You can go read it here

Photo a day
     f/5 1/250sec ISO-200 43mm
Day 12: Sunset
The golden hour. This was taken at Potch Dam.

Photo a day
      f/5.6 1/13sec ISO-800 43mm
Day 13: Cannot live without
Yes, as a Type 1 Diabetic I cannot live without my insulin.

Photo a day 
f/5.6 1/1250sec ISO-400 55mm
Day 14: Eyes
I don't actually have words for this pictures. What I can tell you is that horses speaks to my soul and their eyes can "see" your feelings.

Photo a day
f/29 1/30sec ISO-200 44mm
Day 15: Silhouette
My first attempt. What do you think?

Photo a day
     f/25 1/40sec ISO-100 28mm
Day 16: A good habit
Bootcamp is awesome! I feel healthy and fit!

Photo a day
    f/25 1/10sec ISO-100 34mm
Day 17: Technology
Yup, my life is run by technology. I love my iphone, kindle and laptop!

Photo a day
     f/3.5 1/2000sec ISO-100 18mm
 Day 18: Your shoes
One of my favorite pair boots. I think I was a horse riding cow girl in a previous life.

Photo a day
    f/6.3 1/60sec ISO-200 47mm
Day 19: Something I want
I would really like another distinction on my piano exam this year. I have not received my results yet. I am waiting anxiously! 

Photo a day 
f/4 1/160sec ISO-200 31mm
Day 20: In my bag
Heavy lifting I say. I have changed my bag though and a post will follow soon on the winter edition!

Photo a day
     f/22 1/15sec ISO-200 18mm
Day 21: New
A new day. Another golden hour.

Photo a day
     f/4.5 1/8sec ISO-800 32mm
 Day 22: Inspirational
The Bible. Need I say more?

Photo a day
    f/5.6 1/1000sec ISO-100 55mm
Day 23: Patterns
Again Potchefstroom Dam. So many opportunities for pictures!

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/640sec ISO-100 55mm
Day 24: Animal
My dear little Dr Watson! It was quite a challenge to get a photo. He is all over the place!

Photo a day
     f/5 15sec ISO-100 44mm
Day 25: Strangers
Well, they take the class with me, but I cannot give you anyone's name in this picture..

Photo a day
    f/5.6 1/1000sec ISO-400 55mm
Day 26: Close up
Yup, on my yoga mat on my tummy on the curve in the road. People were looking funny at me..

Photo a day
     f/4 1/2000sec ISO-100 28mm
Day 27: Black and White
Some local art against the Snowflake building in Potchefstroom

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/250sec ISO-100 55mm
 Day 28: Flowers
I hate bees, but this was an opportunity I had to take it. Lavender and bees.

Photo a day
f/4.5 1/6sec ISO-400 35mm
 Day 29: Celebrate
I am celebrating a healthier lifestyle with Tomato and Basil soup. It is sooo yummy! I am eating a lot less carbs as well. 

Photo a day 
f/4 1/250sec ISO-100 31mm
Day 30: Abstract
We went to the nursery and I shot this. Something you don't see every day.
Photo a day
f/4 1/640sec ISO-100 18mm
Day 31: Shadow
Me and hubby having some fun with our shadows.

I hope you enjoyed this. I really had a lot of fun! Which was your favorite and how would you have interpreted the topics? please leave a comment below. Be nice, the world needs some niceness!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!