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Saturday 8 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | On my bedside table

Day 8: On my bedside table

This could get quite interesting.. but here is today's submissions 

My friend's bedside table. You can see she is a mommy of a little one. Here you see the Angel Monitor, lamp, her little girl's water bottle and her kindle. So cute!  I absolutely love the cube!

Photo credit: N Kotze

On my cousins you will find a cellphone charger, lamp, glasses, lip ice AND her hubby's books he wrote and published! How cool is this?! You can find his books on his website, Graham Downs . This is pretty cool and I am proud of him!
Photo credit: E Downs

My bedside table is maybe a bit to tidy...ah no. It always look like this. The little doll was a birthday present from my mom. She has been a member of the bedside table ever since. My radio, lamp, insulin pen, cellphone and the book I am currently reading. There is a reason why I only photographed the top hehe ;-P

According to my aunt, hers is "messy". I don't think so.
 Photo credit: L Groenewald

What does your bedside table look like, huh??

Speak to you soon...or sooner!


  1. Wow. Thanks for the mention, Elré. What an awesome surprise! :-)