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Wednesday 29 October 2014

A little teeny update

Hey Ellerina's!

Yes, I decided that I needed a collective name for the people who give me their time to read my blog. Thank YOU! What do you think?

I have a little update for you and I need a bit of a favor. 

We are MOVING! Currently this is the state of our new home..

I have A LOT of work to do. I will probably not be posting Saturday, but I will try my best and that is why I need a favor... Please forgive me. That is all. 

But wait, there is more. On Saturday my Diabetes Awareness Month is starting on my YouTube channel!!! I am SO excited and my photo a day on my blog and in December I will be doing a 24 day "What makes me excited for Christmas" Oe, I can not wait! I hope you are as excited as me. 

If you would like to join my photo a day. I will post the hash tag on Friday and it will be running on Twitter (click H E R E), Instagram (click  H E R E) and my blog.

Ok, ellerina's I need to go. I am "stealing" time.

Speak to you soon....or sooner!

Friday 24 October 2014

Instagram Diary | Issue #1

#success Set yourself on fire * Found angry birds on my phone * Chocolate cures anything * My mood * Pampering the tired feet *
Date night dinner * My Diabetic T-shirt * Friends Thom&Watson * Dessert is served * My Diaversary (My Diaversary Blog) * Me in Zoella's video * #barefacedandwhat * True words * Tea hug * New pillow * I love my hubby * We are moving * Adorable sippy cups for adults * Having a "braai" * Being a cocketiel owner

I have not been using my instagram for the last few days, BUT starting November I will be doing a Photo a day on Instagram in conjunction with my blog and off course posting to my twitter account as well.. I am really looking forward and I would love if you join me! #-tag to be announced.

Speak to you soon...or sooner


Friday 17 October 2014

Dust storm in Potchefstroom

So, this was a little weird yesterday. We heard on the news and saw on the web the pictures of what is happening in Bloemfontein yesterday afternoon and never expected it to arrive here. But at last, it did.

This is the craziest thing I have seen in my four years living here, but it was quite extraordinary as well. My house just look like a dustbin at the moment (even though I had it cleaned yesterday before the storm). Ah, the joys.

Guess what I am doing the weekend!?


Monday 13 October 2014

Get ready with me {Festival Edition}

We went to a festival this pass weekend. I love festivals. The vibe, the music, THE fooooood!!!!

Obviously we can not just go without getting ready, so let me share my "get ready with me" tips. 

After my shower I start with my face. I use the Hydrafine Cleaner and give my face a good scrub (not literally). I apply Essence Sensi Cream. This is a wonderful moisturiser and I end it all with the Lucid refresher spray. All these are available at any Annique salon. Do not forget the sun block! I use the Nivea Sun 50+. I trust this one. This is a keeper;)

Moving on. You have to colour your face, but keep it natural. I LOVE the natural look and go for neutrals. I just want to give my face some colour. These are the products I use:
Foundation: Everlasting Foundation - Avon
Super Shock mascara - Avon
Pressed powder - Avon (I use this as a "setting" powder)
The blush and eye shadows - Victoria Jackson Survival Kit (this is available in the USA and on their website)
Gel eye liner in Gold - Woolworths
The kabuki- and blush brush - Avon
Lip Gloss in Mango - The Body Shop
Make-up Setting Spray - Avon (this stuff is AWESOME!)

Then you NEED to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than having on the wrong outfit and wrong shoes. You are going to be on your feet for a while.
So, I settled for my:

Trusty Sandles - Green Cross
Crop Jean - News Denim @ Foshini
RE:T-shirt - Woolworths

 I did not take my whole handbag. You want your hands free to eat as much as you can and to shop till you drop and throw your hands in the air singing at the top of your lungs-that's what festivals are for. So I opted for a cross body bag. Out of the way and comfy. And this is what's in my bag:
Just the essentials. I knew I won't be using everything in my "usual" bag and all you need is your purse, sunglasses and camera!

Now, you are set to go. We had a lovely day, it was just windy (way to much!!) We will see if we see them next year again!

Speak to you soon...or sooner


Saturday 4 October 2014

Anniversaries and Diaversaries

So, this past week I celebrated not 1 anniversary, but 2. I am so proud of myself, but there is a lot more to it than just celebrating it.

My first anniversary I celebrated was 1 year at my current job. 

Now, 1 year at a job is sort of the average for me. Please note, this is not something to be proud of. I just had a few crappy jobs and had to change quite a few times, but that is not the story now. 

My first thought when I realised this was "where the hell did this year go?". I keep thinking to myself I am still new and I don't know anything, but I did two exams and busy preparing for my third and I know how to do most stuff in the office. FYI I am an admin assistant at a university in the exam office. 

This made me think back on the passed year. In my personal life I had quite a few challenge to face and stuff to deal with, but I honestly have to say that within my job I experienced a very boring year. I am not going to apologise if I offend someone, but that is how I experienced it. I had very high stress and fast paced jobs previously and now it is so quiet that I am actually stagnating. My colleagues will not agree. I dared voicing this at a mini-meeting with our big guy once and I was not popular. I got the eye.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for my job. Very. It just made me think a little about what I am doing. What I am trying to say is that years pass so quickly and I think it made me think about life and what do I want to do. I am not going to go into details, but what I am going to say is we should grab each day and don't let a year pass and you are stuck in "wow, wait, what happened".

Lets move on to cooler stuff. But first the bad part.  

On the 3rd of October in 1986 a little 10 month old baby's parents got probably the worst news ever. They were told their little girl has Type 1 Diabetes. That little girl was me.

Yesterday, 3 October, I celebrated my 28th Diaversary. It is my Diabetic Anniversary = Diaversary. I NEVER thought of this day like this. I never actually focused on this day. It usually came and went and I would think "ok, another year". But this year is different.

I got in touch with a diabetic community that changed my whole perception on our "situation".  They have been there even without always knowing, carrying me through difficult situation and just supporting. I feel blessed and cared for. It is so important to have a support group like this. You can find the Facebook group MadeULook for a cure here:

I celebrated the fact that it has been 28 years. I celebrated the fact that I am healthy and only saw the inside of a hospital twice because of Diabetes. I celebrated the fact that I have friends and family that really cares for me and just want to see me healthy. This makes my heart happy. 

It took me so long to come to terms with my Diabetes and I am really at a happy place. It is difficult, I am not going to lie. Here is some interesting bits for you... 

In my lifetime I have had:
approx 32,120 shots
to prick my fingers 30,660
(My meds have changed over the years so I worked on averages and estimates and it is probably more, but not less. That is for sure)

I need to start "over" everyday, but I set goals and before this year ends I will have perfect readings and a healthy body. That is my promise to myself. You see, next year I am turning the BIG 30 and I am really looking forward to it. It is exciting times! Then it will be my 29th diaversary.

I am so optimistic and positive and I want to make a difference. I will be doing a whole Diabetes series in November on my YouTube channel. I am considering blogging it as well. I think I might. I am planning a fundraiser as well and I hope it all comes together.

We are heroes. I am a hero. You are a hero. Whatever you are fighting remember you are strong! We can do it.

I saw this once and had such a laugh but this is exactly how I see myself:
I am a Diabetic, what is YOUR superpower?

Remember this and carry it close to your heart:

I will speak to you soon...or sooner!