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Sunday 31 August 2014

Hairstyles, ripples and earthquakes

Hey guys,

so, I decided I am going to share my hair transformation with you, but I am not going to take a #selfie. 

While I was sitting in bed now I heard something funny and then a ripple ran underneath (or was it through?) my house. 

Now, lately earthquakes has become a "normal" occurrence in South Africa. Just the other day we had a 5.4 earthquake on the  Richter Scale and now "shaking" and "ripples" has become normal. It stills scare the crazy crap out of me when it happens, but I think I am awake enough now to share with you the wonders of my hair.

It started in 2011 after I got married. I have ALWAYS wanted long, gorgeous brown hair. And then it started. I decided I was going to let my crazy hair grow out.

In between I did some crazy colouring and at times I wanted to take a clipper and shave it all off, but I got there. I got the point where I had long brown hair (the gorgeous part was debatable).

I absolutely loved my hair. I even created and album on Facebook (  devoted entirely to my hair and the crazy, wonderful styles I made it in (inspired by Cute Girls Hairstyles ( 

And then it started... 

In March of this year I cut it off to just above my shoulders. I was quite surprised at how fast it started growing longer again and then a crap load of stuff started happening in my life that made me really excited and I decided that I need a totally new hairstyle for this new phase in my life. I was growing up and I wanted something that suited my personality. 

At first I thought that people were nuts when they talked about hair and how it fits a persons personality, but I realised they were not all off their marbles as I thought.

So off to the hair salon I went. My hair stylist asked me "so what are we doing today?". 
My response: We are cutting it off!
Her response: "Whaaaaaaat? (like the minion on Despicable me 1)

I was so excited and happy and giddy and all in one. She just laughed at and with me. It was such a rush. Before she made the first cut she asks me: "Are you sure?" I am just like YASSSSSS!

Let me just back track. When I started cutting my hair at her salon my first instruction to her was "don't touch the length" because it took me more than 2 years to get it to the length it was when it was at it's longest. So this is why it was quite strange nr 1 in March when I cut if short and now as well. Because just the other day I was still saying "I'm growing it again". Yeah right...

I am overwhelmed by the responses I have been getting all day and it makes my heart sing. Everyone, including me (haha), agrees that this style just suites me and my personality better. It brings "me" out and I really enjoy and love this style.

I think what absolutely made my day was when I walked in the room and my husband did a double take on me. That feeling. Inside I was like "yess" (rubbing that imaginary chip off my shoulder). It felt GREAT.

Now for some pictures... This is the adventure of my hair:
I think a hairstyle does speak your personality and the short just does it for me. So today I walked in myself but came out a new myself. I have no idea if this makes sense. And even if you think I have gone stark crazy that is also ok. I feel at home.

This is what happens when you grow up :)

Well, this is a little crazy of myself. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite hairstyle is and what you think suites you best.

Speak to you soon...or sooner 

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