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Friday 1 January 2016

Saying goodbye to 2015 {Flash back Friday}

2015 sucked. It was most probably one of the worst (so far) years in my life.

It was not all bad, but hell, there was pretty much 6 months of pure devastation. Yes, I am going to be vague about it because I don't want to share it with you. Please don't be offended, but some things are just meant to be kept private.

I did however achieve all of my goals which I am super proud of. I will get to that a little bit later.
 Let me first share a few things I learned this year.

Blood really is thicker than water. They will move mountains for you. They will drive 14 hours to come and save you. They will bend over backwards to assist and make sure that YOU are O.Kay. They will love you unconditionally. And for always. I am grateful for my family. They are my pillar and foundation.

Friends forgive and forget. Friends picks up the ship where it left off. Friends support. I learned this in my most vulnerable stage. I am forever thankful to my friends.

Faith can move mountains. When my friend was diagnosed with Cancer Stage 4 I put my faith in the Lord. And guess what-my friend is cancer free. At my most vulnerable, broken moment God held me together like super glue-he still is. I have seen miracles and I don't doubt for one moment the power of my God.

Money brought me the ugliest piece if stress I have ever experienced. I learned the value of money in a very short span of time. I learned to work responsibly with my money also in a very short span of time. I also still remember and learn everyday that money does not buy happiness. It never will.

I learned how important it actually is to really love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. I decided I will not loose weight, get fit and be healthy for anybody else. I will do it only for myself and because I care for myself. I did a post on this which you can read h e r e.

Life throws you curve balls. Life can be a bitch. Life can bring you down. Hard. At the same time life is wonderful. Life is beautiful. Life can be easy. Life is what you make of it. I am not saying that all is good on my side. Nothing is good on my side at the moment, but you know how I approach it. 1 day at a time. 1 step at a time. I lean on my support, being my family and friends. Something I also learned is, life is what you make of it.

Lets get to the fun part now.  I achieved all my goals. High five to me. Let's have a look at that.

I completed my Photography course with a distinction! I had a lot of fun. Now I just need to practice more and find my niche. You can check out my work on these post's that I did earlier this year.
Photography Smotography {Part 1}
Photo a day {In May}
Photography Smotography #2 

I completed 2x10km races. The Wally Hayward Race and the Rio Run.

I cleared out my bookshelf. My initial goal was 28 books which I bought down to about 20 as I got rid of books I knew I was not going to read. At the end I completed 25 books this year. Whooo!

Initial Goal: Loose 11kg before my 30th. There is quite a lot of reasons why this did not happen, but here is the explanation and this might shed some light as I completed this goal in another "sense".

I completed my Gr 3 Unisa Piano Exam with a cool 80% thus achieving my distinction. I am so chuffed!

I completed 3 different courses thus completing my goal of empowering myself with knowledge. The Photography Course. A short course in Graphic Design through UCT and an Amadeus course I passed with a 100%. What an achievement.

Spending more time in God's word. I learned that this is ongoing and you walk some and you fall some. We will just carry on in 2016.

With my goals I said that I was going to write down everything that brought me happiness and throw it into my jar. If you don't know about my jar, read this post.

Here is my happiness in a jar, in no particular order:

30 July 2015 Carlo and I had such a nice afternoon taking pictures and just chatting and enjoying our friendship. I miss you buddy. It was like our own farewell party. Xx
Today, 14 Feb 2015, I completed my first 10km! 1h32min. Now it can only get better. #Riorace Klerksdorp –GOAL
30 January 2015. Stephen’s pet scan showed the cancer shrunk. They can operate. Praise the Lord!!Chemo worked. We are almost there.
7 August 2015 I had a really nice visit with Christelle, Willem and Hentia. I am thankful for them in my life. They make me happy :) xx
29 September 2015 Today I got the job! 06/10/2015 TRAVELSTART!!! Thank you Jesus.
8 September 2015 Today we celebrated Hentia’s (my sister) birthday. We went up Table Mountain and visited the V&A Waterfront. I was a really cool day and I could laugh. I am thankful for my sister and also my friend, Christelle. I you guys! Xx
I would like to lose 11kg before my 30th birthday. 30 Nov 2015 GO!!!_GOAL
July 2015 I finished my Graphic Design course just missing my distinction. It was challenging! Xx
This is, most probably, vein but I had the opportunity to get a brand new Iphone 6 with the rest of the world and before anyone could come and rub it under my nose. I love the fact that I am able to afford it with everyone else.
7 November 2015 I am really happy that Ruhann and I got to grab a coffee. We had such a good chat. I miss them dearly. It is good to catch up.
March 2015 We had an issue with a bee hive in our roof. I had a panic attack. Marizanne and Jannie helped me 1 evening. Ruhann and Linell helped me with 3 nights. We have dear friends in our life. I am thankful for each one.
3 March 2015 At last! I lost 2kg. 10kg to go. Keep going. You’ll get there
18 April 2015 I made a huge donation to charity. Books, teddies and clothing. I hope it makes a difference in someone’s life. I am blessed to be able to give.
01 November 2015 I am happy because I have friends that care for me. I have friends that will try and move mountains for me. I am extremely grateful. --
I am going to pass my Gr3 Unisa Exam with more than 80%. June 2015-GOAL
I would like to complete a photography course. June 2015-GOAL
October 2015 I changed my weight loss plan. I am so much happier.
21 November 2015 I had one of the coolest birthday (30th)! I tried new things, spend time with my family and best friend. I am happy and content. It is priceless.
22 October 2015 Today I am happy. I am happy because of a new friendship that is developing with a beautiful young woman with the prettiest ways and the purest heart. (Ameerah) xx
I would like to complete 2 x 10km’s this year. October 2015-GOAL
13 August 2015 Today I am thankful that I can read and for my imagination. Harry Potter was brilliant. At the age of 29 my imagination soared. I enjoyed the books so much! Wonderful!
We sold our xbox and mad a young boy and his brother’s heart happy. To see that happy little face was priceless. It feels good to be able to give.
25 July 2015 Today was my last day of my photography course, but it was awesome. Scrapyard make pretty black and white picture. I also passed my photography course with a distinction! Yeah me!! :)
21 February 2015 We had an awesome holiday and saw the big 5 on more than one occasion. We found each other again. The weather was lovely. Beautiful and nice. Wonderful memories and we had no issues. Thank you Jesus! :)
12 February 2015 Run Walk For Life. We have  a and hate relations. Not because of the running, but the people. But today just before Valentines we had a good session with exchanging some gifts, laughing a good running session. It was a good day and it made me happy.
With a photography course I would like to complete at least 1 other course. 10 December 2015-GOAL
20 November 2015 I am thankful to have people in my life that makes me happy and care for me. Our braai was like old times and new at the same time. I love my friends! Xx
13 December 2015 Today I am just happy. I am content with the fact that I am trying new things and getting off the “habit track”. I should try new stuff more. :)
I am going to read more. 28 books 31 December 2015-GOAL
November 2015 I completed another course. Thus adding to my goal to impower myself with knowledge. The brain is a wonderful thing. I got 100% on my Amadeus. Whoo! Thank you Travelstrart!
Mei 2015 Goal achieved. I got 80%=a distinction for my Gr Unisa Piano exam. Thank you Lord!
I was blessed to spent the day with wonderful people. We could eat delicious food. Thank you Alicha, Viaan, Ruben and all. De Vette Mossel –Harties 8 February 2015
I would like to spent more time in the word of God. Jan-Dec 2015 Grow! –GOAL
I Skyped with my friend  Jeanie for 1h30min. It was soo good. I am blessed. Distance is not a problem for us.
12 November 2015 GOAL Achieved. Today I finished my last book on my bookshelf. I am so proud. Now I can buy new one’s. yeah! :) 
I had the coolest braai with my friends and ring in the new year with shooters, champagne and laughter! What a night. 
My year was not all bad. I had some wonderful times and made some awesome memories. My prayer just for 2016 is that I will keep the faith, be strong and do more of what makes me happy-writing to you guys.

How did your year go? Did you meet some goals, bad luck maybe or had the best year of your life. Tell me about it. I would love to hear it.
I'm on a run!

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