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Wednesday 6 January 2016

No to Resolutions, YES to Goals {2016 ed.}

1st Sunset of 2016 at Yzerfontein, West Coast South Africa
I can not believe it is that time again. A new year, new hopes, new dreams and the hunger to make this year the best one yet. I have seen a lot of this "almost time for the new year new me crap" on Facebook and every time I am thinking why not. Why can't we start with that attitude. Why is it so wrong and why does it irritate people so much. The answer is almost too simple. We set unrealistic resolutions. Every-single-year.

Last year's post soared and I was so happy. I did a whole definition on the word resolution and goals and it gave me clarity on what I would like to achieve. I am very proud to say that I reached every single goal I set for myself. High five to me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out this post.

" Choose and find happiness in myself -not in my job"

This is my main focus for 2016. I will mantra this {marches up and down and down chanting} in my head every day until I achieve the mind set.

What am I doing this year. Gee whizz I am excited. 

Do more of what makes me happy.
There is a whole bunch of stuff here like my photography, my blog (blogging more), reading, spending time with family and friends, having a fresh cup of "shop coffee" once in a while and you can't really pin point and say so much of this and that. I think the whole purpose of this one is to be able to look back at the year and say I did what I love most.

I want to complete at least 2 10km races this year.
If you did not know, running and I have a love hate relationship. I stopped running because of people. I got over that-sort off-and I started running again. Slowly, but surely and I will do races this year and reach that goal.

Master a new programme
Any program. I don't have a specific one in mind. I think this overflowed from last year's "empowering of knowledge". I would like to be able to do more with Photoshop, maybe even design my own blog. We will see.

Complete my reading challenge.
The goal is 20 books which comes down to 2 a month. It is doable. I have a lot of time on the train (I spend at least 2 hours a day on a train) and sometimes I like sitting in the sun on the roof top at work when we are not frying in the sun. There is so many books I want to read!
Spend more time at the beach
I moved back to Cape Town last year August and I missed the beach a great deal. My goal is to get to the beach at least twice before the end of the year. Now you are probably thinking "You are kidding rite?". No, I am not. Just because I live about 30min's drive from the beach does not mean I can be there every weekend. I still have to make time for a trip. So here is to more beach days. Maybe even visiting one I have not been!
I want to climb Lions Head
I have done half of Lion's Head when I was 11 years old. This year it is time that I make it to the top and watch the sun rise over Cape Town. 

Continue my Happiness in a Jar
Last year I had this jar where I wrote only happy thoughts and the completion of goals, on a piece of paper and dropped it in. It was wonderful to see all the happy stuff that happened throughout the year. I am doing it again.
Be healthy and active
This goal is also very broad, but the main focus is to move more, go on hikes, ride a bike, and just look after my body. I walk to and from the station every morning and afternoon 5 days a week and sometimes in my lunch I will go for a short walk just to get out of the office-even if it is only to go to Woolies (tee-hee). As you get older your body changes and needs a little bit more tlc. Let me do this. We will see half way how it's going.

Find me
This is a legit goal. I lost myself somewhere along the way. This year and I want to rediscover me and find what makes me tick. 
These goals might not be as specific as last year, but this is things I want to do and this gives me something to work towards. I have high hopes for this year and may 2016 exceed all our expectations!

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