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Monday 15 September 2014

I am missing Mauritius

Hey guys!

I hope you are doing well. I was a bit busy over the weekend and trying to decide what I am going to share with you. Lately I have really been missing Mauritius. I had the privilege to visit this beautiful island twice and my heart is longing to go back. 

Last year March, my husband and I went for our 2nd anniversary and we stayed at the 4* Tamassa hotel (It is part of the LUX group). We had an awesome time and I even picked up a nice caramel skin colour! hehe Sunbathing, eating, swimming, reading, what more do you want! AND the coconut ice cream...there is no word! It's little like little fairies moon walking on your tongue!

Just a little review. I LOVE the LUX hotels. The whole feel of this hotel group is light and crisp and the rooms just makes you feel "floaty". White with bright pink, green and even some orange. Some of the hotels have a few perks too (like ice cream and massages on the beach, but that is a story for another day). We really enjoyed this hotel and the beach is beautiful! We went snorkeling and took a catamaran cruise (unfortunately the weather didn't play along, BUT we still had a  great time).

Definitely a 4/5 for me. I would  recommend this hotel for sure. The rooms are spacious, clean, fresh, the staff is so helpful and friendly. They really make you feel at home away from home. The food is well prepared, but the problem with resort's restaurants, in general, are that it gets really boring after a few days. Maybe spice it up with some hamburgers! hehehe The only downside is the Spa is really pricey. We would have love to go for a treatment or two, but we had to pass. Maybe next time!

When are we going back!?

Speak to you soon...or sooner


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