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Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Trusted recipe.. Epic failed by Elré {You can do it}

Good mooorning my fellow web people!

I hope you are doing mighty fine. 

I like being adventurous and trying new things. I am also very good at EPIC failing, especially when it comes to baking.. I love baking.. I really do.

So, I love a good 'ol banana bread. I have never baked one before and it was a scarce thing in my childhood. It was usually reserved for birthdays and other people's house or the church market…or maybe because it is layered with sugar. But 1 piece won't kill me, no, it won’t.

My friend's grandma has a trusted banana bread recipe. A few years ago she compiled a recipe book with all the favourites in it (mainly consisting of  her mom's and grandparents TRUSTED recipe's). I got one too (well, I made myself one-we share you know).  So, we are using the trusted recipe.

Now that I think of it. I always try new things before a small or big event. Why would I do that? We have our Bible study group tonight and last night this episode happened because I want to impress everyone by my baking skills. Bless their souls for being my "subjects". (I'm joking!! I will never feed anyone anything I won't eat. Promise)

So the first photo that went live was this one...

Oh yeah, we are SO ready for this. I mean I have enough ingredients to bake two breads. And I can even freeze the one (by the way it freezes really well).

All went well until I opened the stove after the first 45minutes..I should have taken a picture. It looked and smelled so yummy and a bright pink ring pan just completes the picture. Now to get it OUT of the pan..

I tried just lifting it out 'cause it’s supposed to be "loose" from the sides. Nope..that didn't work, so I flipped it over..Carefully. Still doesn't want to budge...Flip it back..Oh crap.

The outside is so nice and brown and shiny and the inside was left on the plate I just used to flip it on...

Now you can imagine, a sleep deprived individual, missing her husband who is gallivanting in England (O-KAY, not really because he is actually doing research) and can't keep the craving for banana bread under anymore, seeing this picture...I was not a happy sweetie. I put it back in the oven on my friends suggestion and left it there just for the inside to stop running... and this was my lovely end product.

This picture did not go live until the second batch was ready...

But no, this did not stop me. Well I couldn't stop now seeing that the second batch was mixed before I removed this one from the oven...

I approached this differently. Well, through tear struck eyes, runny mascara  (yes I am a BIG cry baby)  and total tiredness ( I blame this for the tears), I split the mix into my little trusty bread pan and a muffin pan. 

After another 45 minutes, silently praying, I approached my oven with caution. I think I stopped breathing for a few minutes seeing that I was getting dizzy. Or maybe that was just the sleep deprivation... 
All brown, crispy and smelling divine!Now THIS I wanted to share. My first thought was THANK GOODNESS our friends will have something to eat! 

So after this whole adventure this is the final picture that went LIVE!

Have I learned anything? Probably not. I will most probably get this awesome idea again to try something before an event.

My friend gave me the go-ahead to share the recipe with you. *This will follow below*.

Leave me a comment of what your worst baking fail was!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

The Trusted recipe Epic failed by Elré :))
Banana Bread (Grandma Hopetown)

½ cup Margarine (125g)
1 cup Sugar (you can add half a cup if it is not enough)
2 eggs
Beat margarine and sugar until it is creamy. Add the eggs and mix well.

1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups flower
½ teaspoon salt
Mix in with the egg mix and mix very well

1 cup bananas (mooshed about 5 - 6 bananas)

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda dissolved in ± ½ cup of milk

First add the bananas to the whole mixture. Then the bicarbonate of soda and milk mix.

If the dough is to stiff add some more milk. 

Preheat the oven at 180°C and bake in a greased pan for  ±45 minutes


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