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Sunday 27 December 2015

24 Days of Christmas {Photo Challenge}

Hey guys,

Christmas has passed too fast! I can not believe we are already down hill on our way to 2016. Wow. But before we hit the new year, lets end of Christmas on a high note.

I did a 24 days of Christmas Photo Challenge with my buddies. I always have a lot of fun and the interpretations are always interesting. 

I created an album on Facebook where you can have a look at my friends photo, but here is mine.
From left to right: 1. Your view today 2. Today's temperature 3. I'm listening too 4. Something you are reading 5. Christmas Tree 6. Red 7. Ornaments 8. Silver 9. Favourite Christmas Song
  From left to right: 10. Santa 11. Grateful 12. I shop here 13. Tree Topper 14. Green   15.  Reflection  16. Presents 17. What are you doing right now 18. Shopping
From left to right: 19. Candy Can 20. Christmas Display 21. Lights 22. Your Favourite Christmas Thing  23. Carols 24. Tradition

There is a lot of pictures with Christmas Tree's in it, but hey, nothing says Christmas quite like a Christmas tree. I am starting a new thing this year. The Christmas Tree will always go up on the 1st of December, but 2 days after Christmas it is going down. We need to change it up sometimes.

Did you do a kind of 24days before Christmas? Tell me about. Maybe I can try it next year.

Speak to you soon! It is almost time for a "Looking back on 2015"!


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