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Saturday 5 April 2014

Embracing life with Social Media included. It's all possible! has been a while. I was looking at my Facebook page this morning and wondered, what can I do with it? I would like to say something, but the space just isn’t  big enough and then I remembered...BLOG. I should do this more often.

It is almost a year after my last post and since the first post a lot has changed. I embraced social media, but on a whole other level, I started running with a purpose and I started approaching life with a different outlook.

Let's start with the social media side. I have a Facebook and Twitter page, a Youtube channel (still very VERY young) and Pinterest. I had to learn that social media in today's society is going to be there. I can not change that and I can either embrace it or remove it from my life. I chose the first. I have to explain the following for you in order to express myself. 

You have 4 areas where you "sort" the people in your life. Our reverent explained it like this. Your porch or "stoep" is where you put most of the people. For example your Facebook/Twitter friends. You don't see most of that people a lot or even at all. It is the people you will greet in the mall or on street, but that is where it ends. It is also the people you know, like at work and "kennisse" for a lack of a nice English word. Then you have your "braaikamer" friends. Those are the people you invite for a nice chat and socialising and you share some details of your life. They are usually a lot less than you "social friends". Your kitchen table friends are those close friends. The people you trust and share secrets with. They are less than half of your 'braaikamer" friends. Last you have your "slaapkamer" friends. These are usually classified as your family and very, very close friends. The very few you consider your "soul mate" friends. That friend that you carry with you since you were born or maybe you consider your friend you met a few years ago as someone that can enter your room. They know the intimate details of your life. Hope, dreams and secrets.

I had to use this and "sort" my friends and make myself understand that you have those who will call you on your birthday or when you are sick or hurt and those who will send you a Facebook message or post. How this opened everything for me is amazing. I understood and that gave me the peace I needed. I still sort people from time to time and that is just life. You will outgrow few people, but you will meet new people just as quickly (or not).

This opened social media to me. I LOVE interacting with people and when I eventually build up the courage I will start my Youtube page and I am excited for that! I will keep you posted.

So, the last time I mentioned running I sounded like I am fading, BUT I did not. We started the beginning of this year and hit it off. We gym 2 times a week and run 3. My distance is still only 5km, but in August hopefully I will do my first 10km and I am itching to get there. My running improved. I learn new tips and trades every week and I am doing great. This is also a way to help my manage my Diabetes and menu's and with the help of an awesome dietician I CAN do this.

I am very excited to tell you that I will be playing my first Unisa Piano exam in June this year. I am SO nervous and excited at the same time, but I am doing this. I have a dream since I was very young that one day I would like to teach small children how to play the piano and I am doing this. AT LAST. Keep reading my blog's. I will update you as it happens.

Pinterest is the latest craze and I have to admit I am thoroughly addicted. I actually use it A LOT. I don't only PIN, I actually DIY all the birthday presents this year and in my house you will find some of the inspiration. We are just waiting for our SARS to open the tax year and then it is painting time!! Love it. It awaken my creative side and gave me a space where I can absolutely be me and express it. 

I have been a Christian all my life, but the discipline to read the Word of God is not implemented quite yet. I am happy to say that it is starting to take some form and my relationship with God is just growing and He is working in me. I feel it in my heart and soul. We joined a small group few years back and I have never looked back. 

I am excited for what is waiting and I look forward to share it with you, wherever you are at this time. May this be a whole exciting new trip!
I am not a language guru, so forgive me if my posts aren't correct. I will work on this too. I look forward to using my social media for more than just the occasional status update, pin or tweet and really connecting with people. Even if I don't see them ever. As long as I make a difference that's all that count.

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Take Care and Smile!

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