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Sunday 27 July 2014

#OOTD {Foshini+Truworths+Cottonon} and a creepy expedition

Aloha,Hi, Hallo, Hello, Bonjour, Sawubona, ok I think that covers it. 

How are YOU guys doing? I had an uneventful week. I was under house arrest after going to the doctor thinking I had a light cold and getting booked off because of the flu!? Holy comoly?! 

I was so shocked the poor doctor felt the need to explain himself. It came out I had a whole bunch of stuff wrong with me. Any way. I am feeling MUCH better. I did a video yesterday on how I recover after the flu back into a human being. 

You can go watch it here:  

My friend and I set off on an adventure again and this time I saw a place I have not seen yet. Who knew Potchefstroom could be so interesting.

The LNR (Landbou Navorsings Raad) or ARC (Agricultural Research Council). I do not exactly know what they do here. I guess research hehehe on plant material? My friends dad use to work there and it was previously a pretty place to be (according to my friend), but now it is a bit neglected. This is also where the "Pampoen Boere", as the locals named the students  from the LNR, studied or still studies? I don't really know. Any who. I still LOVE old buildings and building my own picture of what is left behind. The only sad part is even though it is declared a heritage sight it will not be restored. So sad. And as you can see, the graffiti artists took over (ok, I think this was maybe used for a photo shoot...)

So, our main objective was to capture my OOTD! So, friend thank you for choosing this location. It was so cool and I LOVE the pictures.

Here is what I am wearing:
Top: The awesome A from Cottonon @Tygervalley
Jean: Foshini @Mooirivier Mall 
Shoes: The fabulous wedge tekkie @Truworths Adderley Street Cape Town(Thank you Superficial Girls for the ootd on these. They are fabulously comfie!)

So enjoy some photies.

Photo Credits: Marizanne Pretorius
This place do give a bit of a eerie feeling, and I SO badly wanted to disappear and jump out on my friend, BUT I don't like being scared either.

I hope you enjoyed this #ootd. I am looking forward to the rest to come. 

I am trying something different and I am not a fashionista, but I like fashion stuff. I am not making sense. I think..any way. 

Tell me what you would like to read about. I do appreciate every comment and suggestion.

Speak to you soon..or sooner!


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