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Monday 7 July 2014

6 weeks, at the speed of a tortoise and sloth like movements.

That moment when you realise WHAT was I THINKING? How do you start exercising again after doing absolutely bugger all for more than 6 weeks? O you just start running a 4km (which was still fine) and then you go to the gym and do 3 vigorous sets of your strength training exercises and then you go (and try) doing speed training... and then we you start crying out in pain and feeling nauseous you realise again...WHAT was I THINKING?!

So, my husband and I have not been doing anything for 6 weeks, so last week Monday we started getting back to business again. Aaaaand we failed miserably. Tuesday was still fine after my slow-as-a-tortoise 4km, I could actually still walk the Tuesday. Tuesday is where it all went south. We went to the gym and my legs were screaming out in agony “please stop please stop”, but I thought “no man don’t be a sissy”. I pushed onwards and afterwards felt very proud of myself. I mean who is going to stop me? King of the world...yeah right!

Wednesday came and we started off for speed training. Now, imagine this. My whole body is shouting at me STOP, in the name of the exercise, please STOP. No, no no, there is no such thing. We are going to do this (I tell myself). 

Now, I am running at slower than tortoise speed. I am trying to keep my boobs in place (and that’s WITH a sports bra) because with every step I am sure they are going to rip from my chest muscles and without them I’ll suck. That was the longest, most agonising 2km I have ever done! My whole session was 18minutes plus and I only did 2km....I did not do any speed training. So you do the math on my average. Wednesday evening I was moving around slower than a sloth. Luckily my tummy works way more than theirs do and I have not grown any trees under my arms and feet! hahaha FYI their tummy only goes once a week or month( I am not sure-google it). 

Getting in and out of bed is like this..roll over...make funny the cat because even his light weight causes serious damage..fall out of bed and walk bent over. That was me for 3 days. The car...MI4 I am telling you! Getting into the car i felt like that advert where they hypnotised the people to think they are old. It was a combo of pregnant lady vs old lady. 

That moment when you realise “I am not wonder- or super woman”. BUT I still have the health to go for a run...I just need the common sense! :))

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

Joke for the running squad..I am SURE I looked like this...
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