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Saturday 12 April 2014

Excitement and then a bit of uncertain-ness

Hi There!

A lot and not a lot has happened this week and a bit still to happen.

I was thinking this past week, what if my videos are not that successful as I thought it would be and I don't get subscribers? I mean YouTube is FULL of the same videos and still the peeps from the USA have like a gazillion subscribers.So I was a bit uncertain or maybe scared or whatever.

Then it hit me. I am different. I am my own person. My channel (even though it's got the same content) is different. I am unique and this will start slowly, but I am positive that eventually I will have the few peeps that will like my video's and even if they don't that's ok. I like what I am doing.

That said, I can not wait for my editing programme. It is going to be so much fun and and a learning curve and something to keep my busy with.

I am so active on the social media scene it is almost scary and my accounts have not been so busy as it was lately. I love every minute of it. I also got a new phone (Samsung S3 Mini) and I LOVE it! Now, I have Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Wattsapp all at my finger tips. EXCCCCIIIting!!! 

I know I am freaking out a bit. Other than all the ideas popping into my head, it's been a slow week. I just could not wait to get to today so that I can post my video and blog!

My UNISA exam for piano have moved to August/September. I am very nervous!! But at least I have time to get it perfect now!

Well, besides all the media and slowness of the week. We had a very nice outing with new friends. We will see where this friendship goes. I am hoping for a long happy one :) I just LOVE people!

Any way. I am babbling. 

Have a great week. See you next week!

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