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Saturday 17 May 2014

How (NOT) to bake a cake!

I really like baking. Really I do. I am not that good at it though, but it makes me yell of pure frustration, throw a lot of things around the kitchen, scare my husband and then when I see the end product..bliss and sometimes a tantrum. Yup, that’s my order of baking.

So, my friend is visiting from Australia and she came to stay with us for 1 night (which would have been 3 weeks, but due to super allergic reactions to my kitty she could not-I forgive you my friend-I’m joking with you. It was really super bad..the allergies)

I wanted to treat her to some dessert after dinner and I found this lovely 7 minute recipe for microwave chocolate cake and it was a “Eureka” –moment. Not expensive at all and easy peasy...IF you follow and read the recipe BEFORE you start baking and NOT substitute any ingredient.

As I was taught in school in Home Economics, I collected all the ingredients and grouped them together and got everything ready (almost). I did not have coco and white sugar so that’s the two ingredients I substituted with brown sugar and coffee.

And off I go. Start my video and I am happy and excited and tongue tied. First mistake, I added ingredients together that should not have been added together and I am all chatty and realise this when I actually read the instructions. Embarrassing!! Well, you just laugh it off. Second mistake, halfway through I realise I did not add the baking powder. Third mistake, I had a pretty good plan for the bowl (I did not have), I just created my own, which would have worked if it was bigger...

So, after I “corrected” my “little” mistakes, the cake is on its way to the microwave in a make-shift bowl and ready for the 7 minute heat. In my excitement I watched the microwave like a hawk and I promise you it did not make it to 3 minutes when I saw it all going way west.

Half of the batter boiled over onto the glass and my first reaction is “man, now I have to clean all of it”and damn, we might not have cake (keeping in my mind that I threw a little tantrum if you remembered what I told you in the beginning). In a way to “save” the cake I adjusted the watt of the microwave, but it was too late. I let the 7 minutes run out and yes, this is what I was left with...

Not to disappoint my viewers and convince myself that it is not THAT bad, I let it cool, got it out of the bowl (by the way it broke into pieces) and presented it. It was not a pretty picture, but I was in such a great mood that I laughed about it and thought; well this is going to make a great video and blog off course.

I learned a few lessons:
* Do not substitute ingredients the first time around and after you understand what the functions of each are.
*Your make shift bowl is not always the best idea
*READ, with reading you will go far in life.
*Laughing is the best medicine

We had a laugh at my little mishap, my friend said it did not taste that bad (I knew it did, coffee is not a good substitute for coco) and we enjoyed our cup of coffee. I made a promise that I will bake her something marvelous and I will re-bake the cake (after pay day). So I got some stuff to do and a promise to keep!

Keep smiling, let me know your thoughts in the comment section 

Speak to you soon or sooner!

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