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Wednesday 29 October 2014

A little teeny update

Hey Ellerina's!

Yes, I decided that I needed a collective name for the people who give me their time to read my blog. Thank YOU! What do you think?

I have a little update for you and I need a bit of a favor. 

We are MOVING! Currently this is the state of our new home..

I have A LOT of work to do. I will probably not be posting Saturday, but I will try my best and that is why I need a favor... Please forgive me. That is all. 

But wait, there is more. On Saturday my Diabetes Awareness Month is starting on my YouTube channel!!! I am SO excited and my photo a day on my blog and in December I will be doing a 24 day "What makes me excited for Christmas" Oe, I can not wait! I hope you are as excited as me. 

If you would like to join my photo a day. I will post the hash tag on Friday and it will be running on Twitter (click H E R E), Instagram (click  H E R E) and my blog.

Ok, ellerina's I need to go. I am "stealing" time.

Speak to you soon....or sooner!

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