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Monday 13 October 2014

Get ready with me {Festival Edition}

We went to a festival this pass weekend. I love festivals. The vibe, the music, THE fooooood!!!!

Obviously we can not just go without getting ready, so let me share my "get ready with me" tips. 

After my shower I start with my face. I use the Hydrafine Cleaner and give my face a good scrub (not literally). I apply Essence Sensi Cream. This is a wonderful moisturiser and I end it all with the Lucid refresher spray. All these are available at any Annique salon. Do not forget the sun block! I use the Nivea Sun 50+. I trust this one. This is a keeper;)

Moving on. You have to colour your face, but keep it natural. I LOVE the natural look and go for neutrals. I just want to give my face some colour. These are the products I use:
Foundation: Everlasting Foundation - Avon
Super Shock mascara - Avon
Pressed powder - Avon (I use this as a "setting" powder)
The blush and eye shadows - Victoria Jackson Survival Kit (this is available in the USA and on their website)
Gel eye liner in Gold - Woolworths
The kabuki- and blush brush - Avon
Lip Gloss in Mango - The Body Shop
Make-up Setting Spray - Avon (this stuff is AWESOME!)

Then you NEED to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than having on the wrong outfit and wrong shoes. You are going to be on your feet for a while.
So, I settled for my:

Trusty Sandles - Green Cross
Crop Jean - News Denim @ Foshini
RE:T-shirt - Woolworths

 I did not take my whole handbag. You want your hands free to eat as much as you can and to shop till you drop and throw your hands in the air singing at the top of your lungs-that's what festivals are for. So I opted for a cross body bag. Out of the way and comfy. And this is what's in my bag:
Just the essentials. I knew I won't be using everything in my "usual" bag and all you need is your purse, sunglasses and camera!

Now, you are set to go. We had a lovely day, it was just windy (way to much!!) We will see if we see them next year again!

Speak to you soon...or sooner


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