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Saturday 31 January 2015

January in Instagram

The 1st Of January (this always gets me excited for the new year) My first blog post of 2015 THINK Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project "Resolutions"  Inspiration The temperature 20:03pm in the summer in Potch A selfie with Watson Spoiled myself with Sorbet I'm addicted to The Tea Merchants Tea Thom being cute Coffee is important in my life My feet loves Avon Avon Splurge Babysitting my friend's birthday present to her son  I burned myself with my curling wand-ouchie  It was raining so I decided to run Watson and I reading Pray..a lot Playing with the puppy A accurate picture of my blood glucose levels (some dark humor) Yeah!Loot package (watch out for a post later the month on this package) I received my certificate for my Unisa Gr2 exam (with honors might I add) A happy Australia Day to my friends No power..again so BURN all the candles! This is just the cutest Coke Bottle ever! When I read the boys are close by Pampering me on a Saturday Finished!

This will be a regular on my blog this year. It's to share with people who do not follow me on -or don't have Instagram. I LOVE instagram! Just can not help it!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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