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Saturday 7 February 2015

LUSH! {My attempt at a review}

I heard of LUSH the first time on Zoella's channel/blog. I immediately fell in love with this lovely colored bath bombs with funny names like, Granny Takes a Dip, Blue Sky and Fluffy White Clouds and Sex Bomb.

Lush only recently came to South Africa with only 4 S T O R E S and how lucky is Cape Town to have 3 of the 4! As Murphy would have it, way far away from where I live (like 1300km to 3 of them and 700km to the other).

Luckily hubby went to Leeds, UK in September last year (yes, I am only writing my review now 'cause I had to try it out first, right?) and bought back a few for me to try out. That's after I had to search for the address and directions to get to the shop in Leeds, but we did it!

So, to get the most out of this I decided to divide every piece in half and tried them all out (before the heat wave struck us) and keep a few pieces for Winter.

This is my thoughts.

♥Granny Takes a Dip
This one is gorgeous in the bath water. It turns the water a psychedelic color and makes it all fun. When you throw it into the water it starts fizzing and goes on for quite some time. It's got ginger, pepper and lemon as ingredients. The lemon helps boost your mood, the ginger and pepper is just warming. Of all of them this is actually not my favorite. But, I will buy it again. I enjoyed it and the scent is really inviting.

♥Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb)
I love the scent of this one and it makes you feel really relaxed, but you would not expect anything else from it with ingredients like Jasmine- Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang. This is perfect for a night in and I think in winter when you can make the water really warm this will work wonders for a pamper before bed. Definite re-purchase.

 ♥Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds & Brightside (Bubble Bar)
I have combined these two because the fall in the same category. They melt into the bath water. Oh my! All the oils! And the feeling on your skin!
The Blue Skies turns the water blue with white "cloudy" spots. The Blue Skies have Patchouli (the relaxant) and Frankincense (the exotic relaxing fragrance). It also contains cinnamon leaf (I cinnamon) that adds a spiciness to the fragrance.
Brightside is full of oils that makes your skin feel soft and the scents just makes you feel happy with bright colored orange water. It's got Sicilian mandarin, Bergamot andTangerine essential oils. I really enjoy citrus scents and bright colors.
Both these are definitely worth a re-purchase.

I can not wait to visit on of the shops here in SA!

Then last, but not least-my favourite one of the bunch (that is until I have tried the other products!).

♥Butterball (Bath Bomb)
This little beauty is filled with Ylang ylang and cocoa butter pieces! I remember the feeling like yesterday and the smell is divine! As soon as the butter pieces melt your skin is covered in something feeling like a combination of satin and butter. I don't know if that is even possible. It smells so good! This one is for use after a long, hard day to calm the nerves and just relax you. Ylang ylang is known to help treat stress, depression, relaxing the nervous system and to help relieve anger, panic and fear. I loved this one the most! I am really looking to the first very cold winters evening to pop this one back into my bath water!

I am really looking forward to trying out their skin range. They don't only specialise in bath products. The best part is, these are all hand made and they are totally against animal testing. YEAH for Lush!

Let me know in the comment section below if you have tried it before and what you would recommend? I would love to hear from you!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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