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Saturday 15 August 2015

Photography Smotogrophy #2

Hey guys!
So, I finished my photography course early due to unforeseen circumstances, but I did it and got pretty good marks for it. It is safe to say that I did it with a distinction. Yeah me! If you missed the first half go check it out H E R E .

I had a variety of topics to photograph. The easiest of these was the "painting with light". The most difficult was the portraits. I just don't gel with it. I think night photography is my thing. So I will explore that. 

All these shots were done with my Canon 700D and I used the kit lens (18-55mm) and my zoom lens (70-300mm).

(Disclaimer: This is my own work. Please do not use any of these pictures without my written consent. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard)

Aperture. We had to take two photos at the same angle. 1 With a big aperture and 1 with a small aperture. These were my submissions.
Aperture 1:f3.5 1/1250sec ISO-100 18mm

Aperture 2:f36 1/10sec ISO-100 55mm
Close up. I struggled to find something that would really make a cool close up. I settled for a bicycle. I think it came out pretty cool, but my mentor had some very good suggestions. Next time it will be even cooler!
Close up 1:f5 1/20sec ISO-200 43mm

Close up 2:f5.6 1/15sec ISO-200 55mm
Group Portraits. I struggle with portraits. I find it difficult to take a creative photo and not the normal "just stand there". And the composition. Again, my mentor said I should watch out for a few things, but I did not do to bad.
Group 1:f4.5 1/1600sec ISO-100 120mm

Group 2:f4 1/2000sec ISO-100 31mm
Topic: Here we go. This was my submission. My friends "bakkie". I really like this picture.
f3.5 1/40sec ISO-800 18mm
Campus outing. We went on a campus outing for one of our lessons and this was not a submission, but I took this on that outing.
f5 10sec ISO-100 37mm
Head&Shoulders Portrait. Again, not my strong point, but it came out pretty well.
Head&Shoulders 1:f5.6 1/800sec ISO-100 300mm

Head&Shoulders 2:f5.6 1/1000sec ISO-100 255mm

Head&shoulders 3:f5.6 1/800sec ISO-100 300mm
Landscape. I struggle a bot with composition and keeping the horizon straight...will just have to practice!
f5 1/250sec ISO-100 37mm
My favorite thing. What more can I say. Coffee and Books. It does not matter if it's digital. As long as I can read I am happy! Don't forget my plant. Love greens!
f6.3 1/80sec ISO-400 48mm
Black&White. This was the most exciting outing we did. We visited a local scrapyard and we had to take all the photo's in black and white. I had so much fun. This was my best one and my submission.
f5 1/1250sec ISO-100 29mm
Topic: Winter. Blankets, books, pj's, chunky socks and lots of coffee! What more can I say?
f3.5 1/30sec ISO-400 18mm

Still life. I struggled with this one. I had another photo, but it was too flat and did not give dimension. So, this one is my re-submission and it was perfect. 

F5 1/60sec ISO-100 32mm
Full body Portrait. My lovely friend. Thanks for playing model!Could have composed it differently, but I did well with this one.
F4.5 1/1600sec ISO-100 130mm
Painting with light. The next few photographs was the most fun! I really enjoy night photography. I submitted the second one and got full marks. Yeah me! I cannot wait to explore and better my night photography skills.
Painting with light 1:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm
Painting with light 2:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm

Painting with light 3:F3.5 10sec ISO-400 18mm

Painting with light4:f3.5 25sec ISO-100 18mm

Painting with light 5:f3.5 25sec ISO-100 18mm
I hope you enjoyed this post. I am now done with my course and now I should go out and take some pictures! What do think I should photograph or do you like photographing certain things? Leave a comment below!

I shoot with canon!

Speak to you soon


  1. If you are going to blur the background to emphasize the main subject, then it will need a large aperture and small f-number. Depth of field is small in this case, the transition between the blurred area of the frame and the area in focus will be clear. To adjust the picture there is an article

    1. Thank you for the tip Margaret! aaaand thank you for visiting my blog! :)