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Saturday 21 March 2015

Kruger National Park Holiday Part #3

It is the last part of our photo's. Awwwweeee. It was a really exciting holiday and we were blessed in many ways. 

So for the last time, let's jump right in!

Ps. All these shots were taken with my 700DSLR Canon camera, most of it on the Aperture function. I used Photoshop Elements 6 for the panorama. These photos were not edited.
 This is the picnic spot, Afsaal, in the park. Here you can get out and move around (at own risk of course). They have a kiosk and a shop where you can order something to eat and drink. If you prefer to make your own food, you can hire a gas can and wok (they clean it afterwards). This is a great outing and about 32km from Berg en Dal.
 This is Skukuza Golf Club. It does not have fences, so you are bascially in the wild playing golf. The tip we got from one of the ladies was "just watch out at hole nr 3, the leopard(s) sometime spend some time in the trees"-no pressure
 I was ready to rock and roll should something happen. My shattered nerves!
 The local restaurant at Berg en Dal.
 Venison Bobotie -it was devine!
 Venison Pot Pie - it was divine!
 This was our 6 hour stay at Merry Pebbles in Sabie. The rain chased us away and it was a muddy mess. We will go back in the winter when it's not raining!
The last pictures was taken on Long Tom Pas. It is so beautiful!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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