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Monday 2 March 2015

February in Instagram

(from left to right)

I received my first ever racing number. So proud! A little inspiration Lilly and Thom checking each other out  This is what we do on a Wednesday night, we gym  Lilly decided this is the best place to lie down  Thom and Lilly again  My Lush Review Blog click H E R E   We had a great day at my friend's birthday party (review to follow on the De Vette Mossel in Harties)  Some more party photo's. Tannie Elré's favourite!  Newly discovered Zoofari Vanilla cookies in animal shapes!  The temperature late at night (it is HOT!)  Some Valentine's chocolate from a running buddy  Some laughs  My first ever complete 10km race time and medal  A group shot after our 10km  Unboxing Zoella blog - click H E R E  Some more laughs  My new camping chair (it is very comfy!)  I regram this. It was just so funny  Pampering my feet. They do carry me after all  Thom decided that's his new spot (he loves boxes and suitcases)  My lunch view in Loverslane at the NWU  #ootd ♥ Some inspiration from my sister  A Zando package!!  My first ever sweetie pie I ate - it was delicious!  #ootd  Found sugar free "legal" Turkish Delight  Watson diving into my oats  Our camping vacation reservation  Sunrise on the N4 on our way to the Kruger National Park  Dullstroom  The shoe cave  My 5 Product Face blog - click H E R E  Our first kettle of coffee water at Letaba in the Kruger National Park  We went running in the Kruger National Park  #yolo  Our camp site in Letaba in The Kruger National Park  Wilddog sighting in the Kruger National Park (this was epic!)  We had to sit in the tent and watch the fire cause it started raining.. ♥ Birdie in Berg en Dal in The Kruger National Park  Our last camp fire in the Kruger National Park  

Next month will have some more camping/vacation photo's. Check out this coming Saturday for Part 1 of our vacation. 

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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