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Sunday 14 June 2015

Why I ♥ Winter

Why I Love Winter
 Why I Love Winter
Why I Love Winter

Winter is truly my favorite season. I should have been born in it! This is the season I can focus and where I usually shine! Here is a list of things that makes me love winter A LOT!

I get to read a lot
Fluffy blankets
(Lots) Hot chocolate
Burning candles (well, I do this in Summer too, but in Winter it is so romantic!)
Sitting in the early morning sun on a freezing morning
Winter pajama bottoms. Who does not like living in these! They are so comfy! I got mine from Cotton On.
Kitty cuddles
Sitting around a fire
Coffee and rusks
Afternoon naps
Loads of chocolate
Chunky socks (did you see the cute ones Woolworths have in stock lately?)

Do you like Winter or is there another season that excites you?

Speak to you soon!

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