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Sunday 21 June 2015

My new Bookshelf {DIY}

Hey there!

So, recently I switched to a Kindle, but I still have some books that needed a space to be showcased. I did not entirely stop purchasing books, just less. 

I bought a "raw" bookcase to paint myself the color I want. I blame Pinterest. I see all these super cool ideas and I act on impulse and DIY stuff myself. 

You want one too? Here is what you need.

A raw bookshelf {I bought a handmade one at our local furniture shop}
Chalk paint
Wood Wax

It's easy. Paint your shelf and let it dry. The chalk paint dries very quickly. My husband and I painted like mad people.
Antique Wax
After the shelf is completely dry, paint a nice thick layer of wood wax to seal it. I left the shelf to dry over night.
 Voila!You are done!
 Go on now, decorate it to your hearts wildest desires!

I love my new bookshelf! I am looking forward to my next one!

I hope you like this post. Please leave a comment below. Do you like doing DIY's?

Speak to you soon!