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Saturday 6 June 2015

Photo a day {in May}

Hey there!
I started with a photography course in February and I wanted to challenge myself and also get some practice. So, in May I did a "Photo a day in May". And what fun is it if you do it alone, so I called upon some of my friends to join me. I had so much fun and I also learned something new with every photo. I did realise though that I really need a tripod!  

I uploaded all the other photo's in an album on my Facebook. You can go check it out here.

Let's get going!

*** This is my own work. I shoot with a Canon 700D. Please do not copy or use any of the photo's without my consent. Thank you for your cooperation***

Photo a day list
The List

Photo a day
   f/14 1/13sec ISO-400 35mm
Day 1: Self Portrait
I thought this was a little challenging. I did not want to do the boring stand in front of the camera and pose, so I tried a different angle. I like this.

Photo a day 
f/22 0.8sec ISO-400 24mm
Day 2: What you wore
I blog. So what do bloggers do? They try and take pictures as creatively possible to show outfits and stuff. What do you think? Did I pass?

Photo a day
     f/7.1 1/125sec ISO-100 40mm
Day 3: Clouds
Funny story. On the day we had to take this picture there was not a single cloud in the sky. I had to go into my archives. This was one of the first pictures I took.

Photo a day
     f/5 1/60sec ISO-100 43mm
Day 4: Something Green
I just love my plant so much!

Photo a day
     f/3.5 30sec ISO-100 18mm
Day 5: After Dark
I hope one day I will have the opportunity to take magnificent star photos (My hubby is a physicist)

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/80sec ISO-200 35mm
Day 6: Obsession
I might have a very slight obsession with Yankee Candles..

Photo a day
f/4 1/500sec ISO-400 18mm
Day 7: Change to come
Fall is happening. 

Photo a day
     f/4 1/200sec ISO-100 31mm
Day 8: Routine
Oh goodness. What a routine. The life of a woman!

Photo a day
     f/5 1/640sec ISO-100 40mm
Day 9: Someone you love
My hubby! ♥♥♥ He is such a good model :)

Photo a day
      f/4 1/4000sec ISO-400 32mm
Day 10: Childhood memory
Who played hop scotch? So much fun!

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/25sec ISO-400 25mm
Day 11: Something Blue
My Kindle cover. I wrote about my kindle and what I think about it. You can go read it here

Photo a day
     f/5 1/250sec ISO-200 43mm
Day 12: Sunset
The golden hour. This was taken at Potch Dam.

Photo a day
      f/5.6 1/13sec ISO-800 43mm
Day 13: Cannot live without
Yes, as a Type 1 Diabetic I cannot live without my insulin.

Photo a day 
f/5.6 1/1250sec ISO-400 55mm
Day 14: Eyes
I don't actually have words for this pictures. What I can tell you is that horses speaks to my soul and their eyes can "see" your feelings.

Photo a day
f/29 1/30sec ISO-200 44mm
Day 15: Silhouette
My first attempt. What do you think?

Photo a day
     f/25 1/40sec ISO-100 28mm
Day 16: A good habit
Bootcamp is awesome! I feel healthy and fit!

Photo a day
    f/25 1/10sec ISO-100 34mm
Day 17: Technology
Yup, my life is run by technology. I love my iphone, kindle and laptop!

Photo a day
     f/3.5 1/2000sec ISO-100 18mm
 Day 18: Your shoes
One of my favorite pair boots. I think I was a horse riding cow girl in a previous life.

Photo a day
    f/6.3 1/60sec ISO-200 47mm
Day 19: Something I want
I would really like another distinction on my piano exam this year. I have not received my results yet. I am waiting anxiously! 

Photo a day 
f/4 1/160sec ISO-200 31mm
Day 20: In my bag
Heavy lifting I say. I have changed my bag though and a post will follow soon on the winter edition!

Photo a day
     f/22 1/15sec ISO-200 18mm
Day 21: New
A new day. Another golden hour.

Photo a day
     f/4.5 1/8sec ISO-800 32mm
 Day 22: Inspirational
The Bible. Need I say more?

Photo a day
    f/5.6 1/1000sec ISO-100 55mm
Day 23: Patterns
Again Potchefstroom Dam. So many opportunities for pictures!

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/640sec ISO-100 55mm
Day 24: Animal
My dear little Dr Watson! It was quite a challenge to get a photo. He is all over the place!

Photo a day
     f/5 15sec ISO-100 44mm
Day 25: Strangers
Well, they take the class with me, but I cannot give you anyone's name in this picture..

Photo a day
    f/5.6 1/1000sec ISO-400 55mm
Day 26: Close up
Yup, on my yoga mat on my tummy on the curve in the road. People were looking funny at me..

Photo a day
     f/4 1/2000sec ISO-100 28mm
Day 27: Black and White
Some local art against the Snowflake building in Potchefstroom

Photo a day
     f/5.6 1/250sec ISO-100 55mm
 Day 28: Flowers
I hate bees, but this was an opportunity I had to take it. Lavender and bees.

Photo a day
f/4.5 1/6sec ISO-400 35mm
 Day 29: Celebrate
I am celebrating a healthier lifestyle with Tomato and Basil soup. It is sooo yummy! I am eating a lot less carbs as well. 

Photo a day 
f/4 1/250sec ISO-100 31mm
Day 30: Abstract
We went to the nursery and I shot this. Something you don't see every day.
Photo a day
f/4 1/640sec ISO-100 18mm
Day 31: Shadow
Me and hubby having some fun with our shadows.

I hope you enjoyed this. I really had a lot of fun! Which was your favorite and how would you have interpreted the topics? please leave a comment below. Be nice, the world needs some niceness!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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