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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Change, change and just more CHANGE! Loving it!

Oh my word, I just love my life at this point. I love change. I think it is one of the strangest things about me. Change is good. It is food for my soul. Whenever I go have my hair done I never look the same when I walk out of the salon. I changed my room (when I was still living with my parents) at least once a month.

I changed my blog "look" now and while doing this I just felt like writing some stuff down. I changed the info and what my blog is about and I have come to this. My blog is about my life (mostly) and life in general. It is about living with Diabetes Type 1 (can I just say it's almost been 28 years and still going strong). It is entertainment in the sense that I will post some DIY projects and funny stuff happening and even sad stuff happening in the hope that it will be entertaining. 

About the change though, let me just tell you that even though I am a big fan of change, I moved 6 times in 2 years. That is NOT fun and don't let anyone ever tell you that! haha At last we found a place where we both (my hubby and I) are happy and we are busy redecorating. It is going to take this whole year, but when it is done, I will show you. I promise.

I also changed my fitness programme (we run twice a week, we will start swimming this week and we gym twice a week as well). I tried it this morning, and man I am looking forward to it!

As I start this new adventure, I hope you will join me. Please comment and subscribe to my blog. I have a YouTube channel as well and let me tell you-best idea I had this year (so far). I am driving my husband nuts with all my ideas. It only has 2 videos, but I am posting once a week and this weekend I am doing an epic video of all my shopping!! (I will post the link in my next blog-coming this weekend)

So, it is Easter. I love this time of year (as well as my birthday in November and Christmas). Let's remember the importance, but eat as much Easter eggs as you can manage! They only come around once a year!

Take Care!

See you this weekend! (even sooner, maybe)

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