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Saturday 19 April 2014

Diabetes and Ignorance

Hi you!

So, I have been thinking what I am going to tell you guys and the I read a tweet, freak out and decided this needs to be put on paper (well on my blog). But first I am going to tell you about me week anyway.

My week was fairly quiet. I told you about all the change and it is still great. I uploaded my youtube video last night (it took 7 hours!!), may I mention it's my first edited video. I am so proud, but I have got LOTS to learn. You can go and check out my channel YouTube:Elre van den Heever.

I have some great ideas for my twitter/instagram account. If you follow me you can join in the fun. (see at the end of the blog)

OK, enough personal marketing. Lets get down to business. 

There is NOTHING that upsets me more than ignorance about what causes Diabetes. I have been a type 1 diabetic for the last 28 years (I was diagnosed at age 10 months). I freaked out on a counsellor when I started seeing my new specialist cause she wanted to "teach" me about diabetes and assess and speak to me. There is probably new things you can tell me, but I am well informed as it is. 

So, this is what I read on twitter "Excessive sugar consumption causes #diabetes". My first thought, and this is as pure as it gets "you ignorant ass". I went on google and found the the UK Diabetes website and THIS is what causes Diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes causes:
Type 1 diabetes is cause by the immune system destroying the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. This causes diabetes by leaving the body without enough insulin to function normally. There is no specific diabetes causes, but the following triggers may be involved:
Viral or bacterial infection, Chemical toxins within food, Unidentified component causing autoimmune reaction.  

Type 2 diabetes causes
Type 2 diabetes causes are usually multi factorial -more than one diabetes causes is involved. Often, the most overwhelming factor is a family history of type 2 diabetes. This is the most likely type 2 diabetes cause. There are a variety of risk factors for type 2 diabetes, any of all of which increase the chances of developing the condition.
These include: Obesity, Living a sedentary lifestyle, Increasing age AND (NO SURPRISE HERE) a Bad diet (not excessive consumption of sugar, just a bad diet)

Why do people always think this? A bad diet overall causes diabetes. A bad diet causes obesity and people being overweight which then increases you risk and can lead to type 2 diabetes. And as a matter of fact excessive consumption of anything is not good for you!

I think what upsets me more is that they usually mention this overall and not specifying. As you can see type 1 and type 2 is different, but for some unexplainable reason people throw these two together and everything goes.

All I ask is that people read and understand and don't just assume that you know. My colleagues father always say, "If you can read you will go far in life." That is how we learn.

All diabetics can have sugar. Not in excess, not everyday, but occasionally. My specialist told me I am allowed to have my sweet of cake or chocolate occasionally, but I have to check my sugar and inject accordingly. It is not healthy for me ( or for anyone in that matter), but just as excessive consumption do not give you diabetes, I won't die either.

Respect the differences, stop upsetting people and creating unpleasant incidences.  

If you did not know this, I hoped you learned something from my, very upsetting, experience this evening and that I taught you something new.

If I offended you, well as the saying goes "If the shoe fits..". I am very blunt and straight forward when you touch diabetes. It is personal for me and no one of "us" is the same. I like a good joke and I joke about it too. It's my dark sense of humour ;-), but I respect it as well.

I have a picture to share with you:

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See you soon! Take care! 

ps. Do not eat to much sugar, its (very) bad for you! ;-P

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