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Sunday 19 April 2015

50 Random Facts about Me

Hi there!

While doing a shoot for another blog (coming soon) we had a bit of fun. These photo's actually captures my personality (almost) completely. So, I saw it fit to use some of these photos for today's post. Allow me to tell you 50 random facts about myself and with doing so allow you to get to know me a little better!

Photo credit: Carlo van Rensburg - thanks friend!

1. I cannot remember what my natural hair color is; hence I am growing it out.

2. I am the second tallest in our family at 1.67m. The .7 makes all the difference.

3. I have an obsession with calendars. Wall-, desk-, diary-,phone-, any kind of calendar.

4. I am a planner. I plan everything way ahead of time. I find it difficult when something jumps up and I have to make last minute plans. That does not mean I don't welcome some spontaneity sometime. I usually know a year before hand what we are doing for my birthday and our anniversary!

5. I am terrified of bees.

6. When I was about 3 and a half I got so angry at my parents because they bought home my baby sister (after she was born) that I kicked a plastic chair to the curtain and it got stuck there (as told by my parents). I was a little beasty!

7. At the age of 29 I am reading Harry Potter for the first time.

8. I am a runner. I am slower than a tortoise through a spread of peanut butter, but I run.

9. I really love reading. I once finished 7 books in 2 weeks (I was on holiday though). I see this as a huge accomplishment and would love to do this again sometime.

10. I can play the piano.

11. I cannot leave food on my plate. I either take only enough (if it's a buffet) so that I know I can finish it or I take a doggy bag at a restaurant. If it is at a restaurant and the waiter takes to long to bring the doggy bag I will try and finish it (this is not always a good idea).

12. I am addicted to coffee. It can be 40 degrees out and I will probably be sipping on a hot cup o' joe. I really love coffee.

13. My favorite type of food is potato (preferably in the form of mash or chips). I am not that fond of potato wedges though.

14. I have been in two scooter accidents all on my own. Nobody else involved. The first one I drove over an oil patch and the second I drove over slick on the road and fell myself lights out in front of my high school. I do not own a scooter anymore.

15. I have also had a car accident in my own.

16. I have been driving for 11 years and passed my driver's test first time around.

17. The police tried to bribe ma at my drivers test.

18. I really struggle walking on heels, hence I don't own any. I almost fell flat on my face in a shop once trying on a pair.

19. If I could I would wear jeans every single day if my life to every single occasion.

20. I have been married for 4 years.

21. One of my favorite places in the world is Yzerfontein, West Coast of South Africa. I spent every single summer holiday there with my family until the age of 18.

22. My husband and I met on Mxit. True story.

23. I saw my husband in living person the first time at Cape Town International airport.

24. London was my first international over sees destination. I absolutely love London!

25. My first proper job was a manager at a gym called Curves. I was really lean and toned back then.

26. When you look out our bedroom window you will see our car park.

27. I only saw our completed, decorated wedding venue when I walked down the aisle on our wedding day. It was beautiful!

28. In Gr5 I had my own desk outside the classroom for no legit reason. School was a dark place for me.

29. I still have the teddy my dad bought me on the day I was born. It's still got both it's eyes! His name is Spikkel and he used to go everywhere with me up until Gr7.

30. I always follow the same routine in the shower.

31. I have been a Type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) for 29 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 10 months.

32. I completed two diplomas in 1 year. This is not possible, well actually not allowed, but there was a loop hole in the way I completed it. I graduated twice in the same week in one year. It was awesome! I was also on the dean's merit list in my 3rd year.

33. I love the sound car tires make when driving on a gravel road.

34. I absolutely love scented candles. I wish I had an extra budget!

35. I really love winter.

36. I am a morning person.

37. I hate phoning people. I get really nervous, my palm go all sweaty and I try to postpone phoning the person for as long as possible. I will also look at alternative methods of communication if I can avoid phoning the person.

38. I am an extremely nervous passenger.

39. I am really terrified of getting lost or stranded.

40. When I was little my sister and I watched The Lion King movie so many times the tape started to "jump" ( for a lack of a better word). We could tell before it is going to happen.

41. I love animation movies. I once went and watched an animation movie on my own and I was the only adult without a kid in the cine. I wonder if the mommy's were jealous? hehe

42. I am slightly addicted to chocolate.

43. If there is vegetables, meat and salad (or whatever the combination) on my plate I will rotate and eat every separate portion on it's own. My food must not touch unless it is stew of course.

44. Sometimes I drool a bit when I sleep. It is nasty!

45. I have a cockatiel named Dr Watson (well we call him Watson) and a cat named Tom.

46. I do not ever get into an elevator. Even if there is 400 floors I will take the stairs.

47. I loved singing in the choir in Primary School. I passed the audition for the high school choir, but because of logistical issues and rehearsal times I could not proceed. My heart was broken. I really miss singing.

48. I really love going to the mall. Whenever we visit a new place I need to go and check out the local mall.

49. I love DIY projects. The only obstacle is my budget. I would always try and give someone a DIY project before buying something that everyone else has.

50. I love horses. When driving past them and I have some time I will stop and stare like a crazy person. They are just so beautiful and graceful.

I hope you enjoyed this and that you maybe know me a little bit better. Leave a comment with a random fact about you!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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