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Thursday 30 April 2015

Instagram Diary {April}

(from left to right) My friend left me notes all over my calendar I designed and printed at the place she works. I love my friend to bits This is the same friend from the calendar's, cat Dimmie. The sweetest little thing! Dimmie again My husband turned 3OH this year and we threw him a party Hmmm, the aftermath of the 30th party! My hair was behaving so well this day and I'm growing it out so this called for a #selfie Thom decided this is the place he wants to relax so I had to move my piano chair and get myself another one This plant I got for my birthday really sprouted the last few months For the love of Avon. Go read the blog post H E R E Hubby went golfing so I pasted my face with a The Body Shop face mask. This stuff is lovely. Stocked up on some Lady Antebellum Thom took over my pillow next. I had to move him. Thom's tail got hurt so we doctored him Regram from a friend. I just love Kuala's Chocolate cures anything! Room tour! Read about it  H E R E Having fun with my little favourite at Spur when they visited a few weeks ago Hmmm American Candy #ootd -Pinterest inspired Couldn't decide on which Kindle, but the choice was made. A post will follow as soon as I finished my first book Cutest little bunny! Also a regram from a friend Finally decided what I wanted to write on my black board Get to know me! 50 random facts READ H E R E Some more Avon loving You know it's a golfers car when... We baked some cookies! An animal cookie (they were delicious) I made some bean soup. A definite winner in our home! My new headphones. They are great. Found them at Clicks for R220 Some more Avon loving. The packaging is so pretty Sometimes we need to look up and see bright blue skies on a Fall day Woolworths and Truworths #ootd post. Check it out H E R E

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. Have a lovely day!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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