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Saturday 11 April 2015

Room Tour

Hey guys!

I wanted to show you my room a while ago, but there was just so much happening. But at last it is time.

I chose pastel and white because I love the combination. I was going for a fresh, crisp look and the whole picture makes it feel like home. I also just absolutely love the chevron pattern that is trending since last year and this made it a great addition to my room. Don't forget the rose golds! I had to add that as well.

So, lets take picture for picture and I will tell you all about it!

This is my desk space where I sit and work. My desk is actually a server, but it works great as a desk, found at Mr Price Home.
The little butterfly candle holders is from Typo. They were on sale, bargain!
The Paris snow globe is from a Paris Curio shop. I bought it on a trip there.
I received the plant and pot as a gift on my birthday last year.
The B L O G letters I also bought from Typo and they were not that expensive (I just can not remember what they cost).
The chevron pillow is from Mr Price Home as well as the little handmade bunny.
♥ ♥  
I could not believe my luck when I got these 3 pillows on sale at Mr Price Home. I absolutely love the rose gold sequence one!
♥ ♥  
The fairy lights I ordered on line from The Fairy Light Ladies. You can go check out their Facebook. The donkey picture I got from a Christmas market a few years ago.
♥ ♥  
 ♥ ♥  
The plastic holder I bought from Clicks. This is my goals&happiness holder. Don't know what I am talking about go read my No to resolutions, YES to goals blog post.
♥ ♥  
This little block -Mr Price Home. See where the patterns are going! The cat loves this little block.
♥ ♥  
This room also doubles as our spare bedroom. Everything you see including the bed linen, throw, pillows, chair, throw is all from Mr Price Home.
♥ ♥  
My piano is also in here (it is quite a big room) with my little kitties, a candle holder, my metronome and my plant. I love this spot. I love playing piano and being surrounded by greens and candle scents!
♥ ♥  
♥ ♥  
This is my space. This is where I practice for my exams, write my blogs and sometimes do DIY projects. I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour. Please leave a comment below on what part was your favourite!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!