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Saturday 1 August 2015

Instagram Diary {July}

Hey guys,
This months Instagram Diary is full of Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, Photo's of my kitty and cockatiel, food and a few blog posts. I have not done this in a while and thought it would be fun.
I always have fun putting this together. I use Corel Draw x6 to create the grid. Such a user friendly program.


Speak to you soon

Instagram: elrevandenheever
{From left to right}
My hobbies Thom! Some LUSH Watson! Some more Watson Be thankful always Blog Post: No-to-resolutions-YES-to-goals-half-way update Be awesome Thom bought us a present Hold On I need my coffee #TBT I miss my long hair Fri-YAY Little naughty Watson I'm capable, brave and significant New hair cut Blog post: What's in my bag {Winter Edition}   You got this Decide it Art will survive Mini Oreos from Spain My tea present from my friend from Spain Words Collect your scars God's love Me and little Watson Creative guy at the robot Food lovers Market Food lovers Market Blog post:Some old (and embarrassing) photos  Words of wisdom New Lindt Coffee Blast YUMMO! Thom chilling it out Little Watson Remove Can't Words It's FRI-Day I'm worthy Some pizza at Panaroti's Blog post: The last 5 things I bought Me and Thom having a moment Words of Wisdom Die Calvyn at the North West University My piano Banting Burger @ Mike's Kitchen Chill Just hanging

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