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Sunday 20 September 2015

Exploring the West Coast {National Park and Yzerfontein)

Hello there!
We explored the West Coast last weekend and I had the privilege of experiencing the flower season. I am so happy that Spring has sprung and that the weather is becoming gradually warmer. We camped at Yzerfontein Caravan Park (I grew up here over summer break in December. I have spent all my summer's here up until the age of 18). I have not been here in a year and a half''s time, so I was super excited when my parents said "let's go camping!". 

I took a gazillion pictures and I had a tough time sorting through them and deciding which I am going to share with you. I find photography challenging and exciting. I don't want my pictures to just be a picture. I want it to say something. I have to say I found it quite challenging photographing the flowers. It is not easy and I am not quite satisfied with the outcome. I will just have to research the topic a bit more. The first few pictures was all taken in The West Coast National Park and it is just flower galore. There is also some animals to see and there is a shop (which is open in peak season) and a restaurant where you can enjoy light meals after you're done exploring the park.

The lagoon rounds up into the West Coast National Park. I am a bit obsessed with the sea, so I took even more beach photo's! This was really tough going through them. I tried different angles, compositions and my shoes even made they debut!

9km from Yzerfontein there is "Die Padstal". Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, freshly baked scones, cake and light meals outside while listening to the sounds of the exotic bird's. They have a shop with hand made products, jams, clothing and here you can buy a fresh baked farm bread. The bread is delicious! You can ask anyone who's been there! The service is always with a smile and the food is delicious. Off course we stopped here for a scone and coffee and I took off with my camera in tow. 

My friend's parents owns a house at Yzerfontein. Everything about the house is hand made and they re-did the house all by themselves.

Now, this is the fun part. I went a bit bonkers on the beach with my camera trying out different angles, different times of the day, different compositions ect. Some of the shots came better out than expected and some still needs some practice. I had an absolute blast!

We even had some visitors. Don't let them fool you by their cute faces. They are quite the vicious ones. We fed them some meat, but they didn't want to take take it out our hands, oh no they flicked it out with their paw and we had to stand back a bit and then they grabbed it and ran away. It's actually quite cute. I enjoyed their company. I really miss my black cat, Batman.

I love the West Coast. There are all these cute town further up like Paternoster and Vredenburg and then Saldanah. Lovely people, great company, lay back atmosphere and Yzerfontein is just over an hour's drive from Cape Town (with a car only). And don't forget about the Strandloper (link not affiliated) restaurant. If you have not been here before you are missing out! There is loads to do, so jump in your car and go for a ride!

Do you have a place that you like to visit? Tell me about it in the comments!


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