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Saturday 5 September 2015

Reading old tweets

Well Hello there!
I thought for today I would go back in time. It would have been nice to have a time travel machine at this this stage because what I am about to share with you actually needs some explaining, I think.

I have seen a few videos of these and thought well, this looks like something I would find amusing. So I asked Twitter to send me my archive. Now, going through 2000+ tweets (some of them really just a pit of dullness) is quite a mission, but I chose 12 that I thought might be amusing/concerning/funny.

Starting with my 1st official tweet
I just couldn't think of something more creative? Lovely. The problem is, it is there.Forever. #justsaying

Then it kind of went down hill
Really? Who in his right mind would only use this few characters and waste a tweet that could have made a difference in somebody's day? Maybe I thought "hey, this would remind me some day" of what? It is insignificant for other people really. I don't think they care what you are counting down to. Oh wait, this was a month before my wedding. Who would have guessed.

Hmm, do I want an apple? Am I referring to Apple inc? Hmm maybe I am an apple. Goodness. I wish I could remember. What if it is something of significance? Maybe a password for a bank vault or something! haha
(What a revelation!!!Pitbull is WHITE?!)
I am very, very ashamed (and amused) of this tweet. I am sorry Pitbull. I have NO IDEA what I was thinking...It sounded great in my head.
All the spelling errors! And I should be thankful. There is random people that think I am interesting. And then did I mean this literally or "twitter wise"?! This is a bit of a concern. 
Sometimes I am just plain idiotic. I have an idea this had something to do with our London trip. Who would have guessed that?! It's that typical thing of "let's post a one word hash tag tweet and hope someone asks me about it". I am still waiting for that question...
 And then I was also one of those people. I don't have anything to say. Oh wait, it is cold, let's say something about the weather. Oh thank you captain obvious!
 And sometime you need a kick in the face. I think this was when I saw the first videos of Llamas in Hats or somebody the unicorn. Dear me. 
WOW! Aren't I just a ray of sunshine. Again one of those wasted tweets, This isn't Facebook. Nobody cares and nobody is going to ask you what is wrong. I was still working at Flight Centre though...
(Today is a bad day. How much more rude and incompetence should I accept?)
Hmm, another ray of sunshine-brought to you by Ivyline. I am thinking to myself. Was it really necessary to share this? I was one of those people too! This is so sad! I wonder if I was thinking "hmm lets look for some attention". Where should I hide my face?
This is getting ridiculous. I really was a lousy tweeter. I did move back though.. something positive happened. Yeah me.

Looking through this tweets I want to slap myself. I have to say I changed quite a bit and my tweets are pretty cool lately. (hahaha no shame in self promotion). You can click on the twitter icon on the left and follow me ;)

I have learned a few things
Once it is on the net, it is really difficult to get rid of
If you thought twitter is a great way to get some "support" or "haai shame" you are sadly mistaken. Twitter is for the cool, down to the point people. They don't have time for sorry sandy.
Keep it short and simple but not one word or encryptions nobody has time for deciphering your issues.
Something in your head does not always look good on paper/the net.
Oh, and when people follow you-be thankful. Without followers you would be an egg icon (that's when you don't have a profile picture).

I found this quite amusing. I hope you did too. Don't make the same mistakes I did! Do you have a tweet(s) you wish you never put out there? Please share with us in the comments!

Have a brilliant weekend. I am off to a kitchen tea.

Speak to you soon!

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