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Sunday 13 September 2015

We went up Table Mountain

Good day guys!
Recently my sister celebrated her birthday. She has never been up Table Mountain with the Cable Car (she walked up once-brave girl she is), but she had to experience the cable way as well. 

We enjoyed an hour or two exploring and taking a.lot of photo's (well I did to everybody else annoyance) where we ended the morning with lunch at the Waterfront. 

I don't have to much to say accept that if you have not been up Table Mountain come and visit and add it to your bucket list! 

I want to go again!


A lovely portrait of the birthday girl
Me having a moment
Sisters xx
The three musketeers ( I know it is so cliché haha)
A pano with Lionshead (you can walk up Lionshead too)
Fresh oysters for lunch (I do not eat oysters)

The cable car making its way down
This is one of my favourite shots.
The Cable Way house and shop with Lions head
This is your view from the cable car
Clifton Side
View from the Cable Way house at the bottom
The Mother City
Table Mountain from The Waterfront
Waterfront Farris Wheel

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