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Sunday 18 October 2015

Advice to my younger self

I think we all have felt sometimes "If I could only tell my younger self this or that". Lately I have been feeling like this a lot. To tell you the truth a lot has been happening in my life and I do feel that if only I knew this or if someone told me that it would have made everything better. It probably would have, or not. But I am at an age in my life where what would have been best for my younger self to hear will still be perfect to hear now. 

Not to long ago I wrote down a few things that I wish I could tell my younger self, but all is not lost. I can still use this advice. If you are a "young self" yourself or you have a daughter or a niece or just a friend that could use some younger-self-advice, I hope this helps.

What advice I would give my younger self.

The day I got my period. Oh my word I am gonna die was my first thought. The only thing my mom told me was "oh my little girl is now a woman". Here, have some super awkward super big pads and some stuff that should go where nothing is suppose to go {according to me}. All I am thinking is I am 12 and my life is over. I am probably gonna die and everybody is going to think I am a freak. You are not a freak, your life is not over just a bit more complicated and nobody is going to think you are a freak. It is all going to be okay and you are not the only one. I probably would have turned monster on you, but it would have been nice to hear these things.

The first time a boy broke my heart. I cried for days. I was such a desperate teenager. If only a boy would like and love me. I was always friend-zoned faster than a person with diarrhea goes through a roll of toilet paper. He is not worth your tears. Take lessons learned from this and don't make the same mistakes. Forget about boys, for now. He was anyway to old for you and you too good for him {most of the time this was the problem}. Be careful of boys and choose them with great care. You are worth so much more.

When we were in school there was always the "cool kids". I remember in gr2 I did not have friends. Nobody thought I was cool enough or maybe they thought I was weird because I was different and my own. I remember asking the teacher for some help. Lets just say I had less than no friends after that episode. The cool kids was always there and I just never made the cut. Looking back I am happy now, but back then I could have used some advice. Cool is a word created by kids for kids.  Cool is measured on bad habits and worldly possessions. Possessions does not define you. It is just stuff. You define you. Remember that.

I was never an A-grade student. I was average according to school standards. A C-average to be precise. I hated school and luckily I did not have "monster" parents that expected A-grades every time, but sometimes I wish I worked a little bit harder. Again, grades do not define you and you need to give your best. You know what is your best. Work as hard to the best of your ability. If you reach you C-average that is okay. If that is your best, be proud of it. You are practical orientated, your pears academic. That is also okay.

I have a few other things to add. It cannot be linked to particular incidents, but it is kind of life advice.

I would tell my little self
Do more of what makes you happy. If playing hockey makes you happy, don't stop just because the teacher pissed you off and put you in the C-team. Don't be a snob. Show her you are one of the best and deserve your place in the B or A team. Or if you like playing piano and you are afraid that the teacher might really whack you over the hands with his powerful wooden ruler-change classes real quick! Just don't stop. Do it, because it makes you happy!
Don't ever change for other people. You are your own kind of special person.
Exercise more and look after yourself. A little bit of movement won't kill you.You will also thank your young self when you turn 30 one day.
Be patient. This is really important for school, university and job hunting one day.
Choose your friends with wisdom and of course remember, you might think this is for life but sometimes it is for a season or just a reason. It is okay. You won't die of loneliness. You will be all okay.
Create your own happiness. Don't base your happiness on people. They will hurt and disappoint you, but forgive them. Forgiveness brings freedom.
Choose to be happy. It is a choice. It was never meant to be a feeling.

I have wrote this down in my little notebook and now here {for easy access}. Sometimes you need to go back and read it again. 

I hope you found this helpful and maybe even a bit entertaining. If you could give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.

Speak to you soon!

ps. Dr Suess is awesome!

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