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Sunday 25 October 2015

Day in the life

Hey guys!

How are you? I am doing mighty fine sitting in my room in a quiet house on a Sunday morning. These are the best. Everything is silent. An occasional car would pass, but the only thing you hear is the humming of the kitchen equipment and once in a while my bird, Watson would say something something. 

But, I am not hear to creatively tell you about my surroundings and sounds. Today I would like to share a day in my life. I have been wanting to do a post like this for a long time, but I was a little bit hesitant for it being pretty boring. I will never know what you think if I don't write it down here.

I started a new job at the beginning of the month and the first week was pretty hectic trying to figure out a routine. I am still not completely done with it, but I am working on it. I still need to add some activities, for example running and working out (cleans throat here). 

I thought of doing a vlog, but as much as I love a camera I hate a video camera. So I will write it out for you.

Here goes.

05:20 My first alarm goes off. It is my radio so I let it play and listen to some music. It is always tuned in on KFM.

05:30 My phone alarm goes off and then I get up. I have 45minutes to get ready. A cup of coffee, make-up, getting dressed and brushing my teeth.

06:15 We take a ride to the train station. Dun dun dun. I don't take my car to work. It is about 30km's, but it takes you 2-2.5hours in the traffic to get to Cape Town and I work (almost) in city centre. So, my dad drops me off. I am usually early then I have 3 options. 

06:28 This is usually the train I take, but it can also happen that my train is cancelled or delayed (which happens a lot). So the latest train I take is 06:38. 
07:30 This is the time the train has been arriving in Cape Town Station the last few days, so let's go with this time. It is the safest. I take a brisk walk to the office. Through the station, through the city and I love it. I look almost like a tourist taking time to look at the buildings and people. I wish I could go on a photography exploration, but I am not comfortable yet and I can not do it alone. 

07:40/45 I arrive at the office, take the lift (I hate it every morning, but I don't want to climb 7 flights of stairs). Then I have my breakfast (on Friday's we get treated to a breakfast at a local coffee shop just across the street from our office. So Friday it is cuppacino and croissant day!), have a chat, get my station ready and start working.
08:00 This is the official office day starting. Then it is answering customer queries, chatting on our live chat (with the customers of course), meetings and so forth. Some weeks might be taken up with training for the first month(which is where I still am so I have been training as well).

13:00 LUNCH! Need I say more. Time for a break and filling up the tummy. Obviously before lunch I have my snack or a cup of tea/coffee, but it is not an event.

14:00 Back to the desk. This is the last stretch.
17:00 Time to go home! This is what happens. I pack up like speedy, rush to the elevator (the eternal machine of doom), brisk walk (no actually speed walk and sometimes run) to platform 23 where the train is waiting. 

17:15 Yeah! On our way home. I like to read in the train, so if I get a seat I do and sometimes we just chat. 

17:55 We usually arrive at the station at this time, but it can be later.  My dad picks me up and we head home.

18:00 Home. Yes! Now all the evening activities begin. I have dinner, I watch some TV with my family. Pack my lunch bag for the next day. Remove my make-up and take a shower.
20:15 At this time I am already paste and the go to my room and sit down for some Bible study and at the moment I am reading a book by John Maxwell called Make Every Day Count. I like it a lot. It is about priorities, attitude and taking control of your thoughts and actions. I say my prayers.

20:50 This was the time on Friday night that I went to sleep. Yes, a Friday night. At the end of the week I am washed out. I always opt for getting at least 7 and half hours of sleep. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It is best to get 8 hours I think.

So, this is what my day looks like almost everyday. I am sure you are thinking "how booooring", but I am a creature of habit. I love routine, it keeps me focused and organised. I absolutely love my job and I am super happy that I am back in travel.  

My most favourite time of the day is the morning. Everything is fresh and quiet. Do you have a favourite time of day? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Have a super week. Speak to you soon!

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