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Sunday 11 October 2015

Summer Essentials

Hello there!
Summer is approaching us. Slowly but surely. I think it is safe to say that Spring has sprung and the weather can prove it. Although winter gets my blood pumping, I also look forward to a little bit of summer after the wind, rain and cloudy weather. I also like to get a few items to add on to my summer wardrobe. So, I sopped by at Cotton On, Lovisa and The Body Shop lately. Here is what I bought.
A flow-y cotton top is always a good addition (as per the picture above) for those in between days. Especially because it is spring in Cape Town and you never know quite what the weather is going to do. I tend to be pulled towards white (teehee). A pair of converse and 3 quarter denim is a must for your spring/summer wardrobe!
Some more flow-y tops from Cotton On. These are great for that hot summer days. they cover everything I want covered and its the cool new high-low design. I recently bought this navy blue sandals at Green Cross. They are very comfortable and the great thing about Green Cross shoes is that they "remember" your feet. the only thing that is missing from this outfit is a longish-cardigan. I will add that later.
Season changes brings on a lot of sales. Jay-Jays had a 50% sales recently and as you can see i have a thing going here with the flow-y tops.. This one is loose fitted around the middle to hide anything you want hidden. It goes great with a pair of bootleg jeans and comfy flip flops or sandals. Whatever you prefer.
Moving on to some girly stuff. Lovisa always have some kind of "special" going on. It is always 3 for R100 or 50% off and the other day they had a cool 8 for R100. What I like about this shop is, it is affordable and cater for a lot of different people styles.
The Body Shop is one of my favorite shops when it comes to body care. They recently launched this limited addition Virgin Mojito range. I could not just smell and walk away. I had to get me some of this. So I settled for a body wash and a body sorbet. This is the first time I heard about a body sorbet (don't judge me. Sometimes I am way behind). It feels light and fresh on your skin and with a little bit of lemon zest it is perfect for a summer night! Go and get yourself some body love!
Ok, this is not really a specific summer need, but I do need facial wipes and thought I'd tried these from Woolworths. They feel really good, they are nice and big and does not make your skin feel "harsh" afterwards. They are gentle on the skin. I like them a lot!

Other things I would include in my summer essentials are:
A pair of sunnies
Bunches of sandals and flip flops
A comfy denim short
A big sun hat for those beach days
Lots and lots of t-shirts (Cotton On has a very nice range)
A sling (or across the body) bag so that your hands are free for ice cream
A bike to take a ride along the seashore
A bottle that can hold at least 750ml of water, you need to stay hydrated
A smoothie maker (yes, this is an absolute must!) 
Camera, to capture all the good moments
A 50spf (at least) sunscreen
Lip Ice
and don't forget your book (or kindle).

I am looking forward to summer. Beach days, longer days and warm nights!

What's the one thing you cannot do summer without? Let me know in the comments below.

Speak to you soon!

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