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Sunday 19 July 2015

Old {and some embarrassing} photo's

Hey guys!
I am feeling nostalgic. I went trough some of my photo albums (yes, I still have 3 of those) from when digital photography was not yet a thing. I found some (cringe worthy) old photos I thought I would like to share with you.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Little old me. I think this photo was taken maybe  around my 1ste birthday or just after. Wasn't  I the cutest thing!

This was taken a few years back. It summarizes my personality quite well. My boyfriend (at that time) was busy shaving. I decided I will try it as well. Let me tell you, that shaving cream burned like fire!!

Now, this is one of that cringe worthy pictures. This was taken on a holiday in Oudtshoorn. It is not the camel ride that gets me, it is my choice of fashion. And that hair?!

We look a bit like soldiers, don't we? This was on a December holiday at Yzerfontein on the West Coast. This was my first boyfriend! Haha We had great summer holidays together. Again, the hair?

Cringe worthy. The hat was so fashion this year at the KKNK. I don't know what I was thinking when I put on  my "outfit". I was such a tomboy. But then again, at a national cultural festival everyone is happy and no one cares what you wear. It is a festival. 

Matric (Gr 12) 2003.  We 4 girls I named "the 4 cakes of home economics". We had so much fun in this class. I was the one always burning myself or dropping stuff on the floor. This was taken on our "40 days left of school"-day. It brings back fond memories.

I love and hate this pic. I love it because we had fun at this matric (Gr 12) farewell. It was our friend's farewell in 2002. This would be one of the 3 we would attend together. I really cringe at the same time because my hair was a total disaster. I felt 40 years old. I really hated my hairdresser on this day! It was a pixie cut and she succeeded in making me look and feel so uncomfortable!

This was taken in Namibia. I really have a thing for trees and I thought this would make a cool picture. Damn. I look so mad and again I am so boyish! It was a great holiday though.
Do you have any pictures you find cringe worthy or that really brings back good memories?

Speak to you soon!

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