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Saturday 25 July 2015

The last 5 things I bought

I stopped at some places the last few weeks, I bought a variety of stuff I needed (and wanted of course). Among-st other Cotton On was one and did you know they are having a huge winter sale! Up to 50% off on some items! You should go check it out. 

Here are the last 5 things I bought.

Winter is not completely over yet. I saw a picture on Pinterest of a girl with a chunky sweater, jean and some vans. I had no difficulty in finding a similar denim and shoes, but the sweater was an obstacle. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this chunky sweater in Cotton On. The next mission was to decide on the color! There was this one and grey. It fits really well and it does not look like it is sizes to big. It is really comfy and super cool. It was marked of from R499 ($40) to R250 ($20). Bargain! 

Chunky Sweater
I really like beanies. I got this also from Cotton On. It was R50 ($4) marked down from R129 ($10). It is going to look really cool with my new sweater ;-P.

We do not have a LUSH store where I am living now, so I ordered online. I bought Dorothy Bath Bar, Blue Skies Bath Bar, Twilight Fizz Ball, Pop in the Bath Bar and the little Bubblegrub Bubbleroon ( I have not tried this one yet). I picked up some Popcorn Lip Scrub -it is amazing! And they threw in two samples. I got Dream Cream and Enchanted Eye Cream. I don't have to tell you how much I like Lush or how awesome it is. You can check our their website or pop in store and experience it for yourself.
Again, Yankee Candle do not need any introduction. They are simply awesome. I bought myself the Coconut Sea Air candle. It smells amazing! I always pick up their R20 ($1.50) bag of tealight candles. They burn much longer than the small one's you get at Mr Price Home. I was really looking for some sea-flavored candles and picked up Beach Flowers for my oil burner too. Hurry up and get to Yankee Candle! You can order online in South Africa now as well. You have no excuse!
Yankee Candle
I have not even started this trilogy (written by Stephanie Perkins) yet, but I now own all three books. This is the last one in the trilogy. I heard of these from Allison Anderson. You can check out her post on the first book Anna and the French Kiss
Stephanie Perkins
I really needed a tripod for my camera. I started taking photography classes and I really like night photography-for that you need a tripod. My dad and I actually bought this together as it is my birthday gift. He paid lots more -thanks Dad! This is pretty cool as this one can almost go completely flat for that low level shots. I have only used it a few times, but it works great! Original price was R2300 ($182) and we got it for R1700 ($56). Go check out the specs HERE

I am really satisfied with all my purchases. Yankee Candle and Lush NEVER dissapoints. Using my tripod is a breeze and my comfy sweater and beanie-will be weared a.lot. What have you bought recently that you really love? Tell me in the comments below.

Speak to you soon!

ps. It is 7C (44F) today. It is freezing! I hope my clothes don't freeze stiff on the washing line.

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