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Sunday 12 July 2015

What's in my bag {Winter edition}

Hello guys!
In May when I did the photo a day challenge {you can check it out  here}, one of the topics were "What's in my bag". I love seeing what people carry around and when I checked my bag it was quite stuffed with crap I never use. My friend left a comment on the picture "Heavy lifting hey". I thought well I be damned. I have a lot of crap I carry around with me and rarely use. I decided to get myself a smaller bag for Winter and fill it with stuff I use a lot and needed, not just nice to have.

This is my bag. It is a cross body, real leather bag and I bought it at Old Khaki.
What is in my bag

When everything is neatly in my bag, this is what it looks like
What is in my bag
Cute hey? Now I don't have to search for anything. Quick access.

Let's get into finer details of what I carry around.
What is in my bag
My wallet is from Busby. Cute and small. All my cards fit in it (not in card slots) and my ID. 
 My diary. A girl needs to plan. This is 2015 diary from CUM Books.
 My insulin pen. I cannot live without it. Literally.
 Lip ice. It is Labello.  Dry lips is very unflattering.
 Lens cleaner for my glasses. There is nothing that irritates me more (when it comes to glasses) if there is a spot/mark on my lens.
 A pen. 
 My glasses of course to see what I am doing. I got the case from Exclusive Books.
 My little emergency bag. This contains girl stuff, pain killers, hand cream and so forth.
 My iphone. Duh, cannot leave home without it!
 Some gum. I love the cinnamon flavor of Stimorol.
 My Kindle. This is the one I have. 

Now my trainer cannot say that my bag is heavier than my weights. Hooray for no crap handbags!

What is your have-to-have in your bag? I would love to know. Leave a comment below!

Speak to you soon!

ps. If you missed my previous post. Check it out here No to resolutions, YES to GOALS {Half way update}

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