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Sunday 5 July 2015

No to resolutions, YES to GOALS - Half way update

Hey guys!

At the beginning of 2015 I said No to resolutions, YES to GOALS I thought it good to give you a half-way update. It is always good to have someone to be accountable to and that is first of all myself and then of course you guys.

How am I doing?

I am halfway with my photography course. I thought we will be completed by end of July, but I did not take into consideration that we are working with the university's timetable. So expected date of completion will be around end of November. I am having a lot of fun and have learned a lot so far. I am not doing to badly (I'd say). I am averaging 70-80%. I have shared some of my work, you can go check out Photography Smotography  and I challenged myself to a Photo a day in May  I have also invested in a new lens (75-300mm), had a huge debate with myself about buying a new tripod. What a flippen mission!!!! At last I found a very nice one and got a discount. So I can safely say, So far so good!

 I wanted to complete at least 2 x 10km's (that was when I was still running). I am very proud to say that I have completed 2 and then I stopped. I can not completely explain what happened. I realised when I was running I would always have thoughts like "when is it finished?", "how far do I still have to go?", "why am I doing this?", "this is not fun!", "Ok, I am done" and so forth. It just was not fun anymore. In fact, I started hating it. I don't know if I will start again someday, but for now I am quite content with my Adventure Bootcamp and I am loving it! 

Wally Hayward finish
 I want to clear out my reading shelf by the end of this year. Slowly but surely I am doing it. From 28 books I have 13 books left. Not to bad, but I have to say I did chuck 3 that I will not be reading anymore. The reviews were bad and a friend said it was not the authors best work, so I donated it to the library. I will have to put in some effort though. My birthday is in November and I already have a list of new books I want to read! No pressure! 

 Now, my weight has always been an issue. I want to loose weight before my 30th birthday in November. We all know that as you get older loosing weight is quite a challenge for some people. For me-always. So, I have 9kg left to loose from 11kg. Yeah for loosing some and "Lets do this" for the next.

 I wanted to complete my Unisa Gr3 Exam with a distinction. Guess what I did! I completed it with a distinction! That morning after my exam I wanted to go home and ball my eyes out. It was horrible. I made so many mistakes and just did not feel confident. But, I did it. I couldn't believe it! I practiced so hard and I did it! So, we will see what happens with Gr 4. Theory is needed and that's a story for another day. It's a huge obstacle! 

 I also said I wanted to empower myself with knowledge by doing at least another course. So, I enrolled in a graphic design course through UCT. I am not doing to bad. The theory part is actually better than the practical side, but it's a nice challenge and I hope this will help with future adventures career wise. In two weeks time I will be done and have a Graphic Design Course certificate. Well done to me.

 Spending more time in God's word is ongoing really. You cannot say I reached my goal of spending 3 out of 7 days in His word. It should be every day,continuously. That is what I am striving to every day.

I am very happy to say that I am reaching my goals one at a time and it feels great. I am very positive that I will be able to say by the end of this year that I completed and reached all my goals. I am looking forward!

Here is a question to you. Do you have any goals you are working towards? And looking at my pile of books still to read, what would you suggest I read next? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Speak to you soon!

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