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Saturday 10 May 2014

3 Years of marriage and a whole bunch of dolphins

Halloooo there,

Saying this in my head I sound like that slug on the movie Epic! I was thinking about my blog today and I realise that even though I added the photos to Facebook, I have not really shared my experience. So let me get to it.

In March this year, my husband and I were married for 3 years (man, time flies). We had our ups and downs, but it was more happy than sad. We were privileged enough to visit KZN (or Kwazulu Natal-it's a province in South Africa and yes, I think I should stop mentioning this because I will always be from South Africa). I have travelled extensively in my life around South Africa, but this province I have not been to once! So, this was my first time. I'm a KZN virgin. O goodness, that sounded better in my head!

Arriving there was like a smack in the face with Mauritius. The weather and how it looked reminds me SO much of Mauritius. I remember thinking, gosh I should have left everything at home and do the swimming costume-thing (although people would have put me under "hotel arrest"). Any who.

I could not wait to visit uShaka Marine World. I have booked our dolphin interaction months in advance. Accept I NEVER booked my own husband. I am such a bad person. Arriving there, I was informed about this (not booking for 2). I almost burst out in tears. I begged and explained that it is our 3 year anniversary on that day and the whole shebam. The manager informed me that I should feel lucky cause it is only 3 instead of 6 people doing the interaction and I am one of them. So, I apologised extensively to my husband, almost shed some tears and off we went.

They start by saying A LOT of stuff and rules and yadha yadha yadha. I missed ALL of it. The whole time my inner person had a shouting mantra. I'm gonna touch a dolphin, oe I am seeing them, oe I must touch fish, and so forth. 

We were given instructions and the first one is make them sing. Like a bunch of retards we swing our hands like a choir person (I don't know the English word haha)and then hit the water lightly and she will splash..a bit. Yeah right. We were covered in water and a bunch of giggles!

It was a lot of fun. After this little splash it was time for our individual session, while everyone else watch (like a monkey gallery). I was first every time! hehehe Yeah me. So, we get a kiss, we stroke the backs and then we give the kisses. 

I don't know how to explain the feeling of their skin except that is feels like a combination between a wet suite and leather.

After all we waved...
She returned the goodbye...
And we all said farewell. 

It was amazing and they are so cute and naughty and trained very well. It was awesome and if I go on now I am just going to think of other words to explain the same thing.

We also saw the dolphin show at the end of the day..
I can really recommend uShaka Marine World ( and this interaction. Don't be a nanna and not visit the park when you ever set foot in Durban, KZN. 

My hubby was really awesome about the whole situation and he took extra pictures. Thank you my love for my awesome anniversary gift:).

This is it. This was my experience with the dolphins. Leave a comment below, I would like to hear from you. If you would like to meet me some place else here are a few links: van den heever

Speak to you soon!!

ps. you want to read next week blog...its going to be funny! ;-)

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