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Wednesday 28 May 2014

I’m drinking in “all” the FAME!

I’m a bit giggly today. I LOVE having stuff I said or written be published or recorded. I originally said that my blogging and YouTube career will be a hobby, but MAN wouldn’t it be nice if I get to have 1 million friends all around the world? A girl can dream, hey.

So, we have this in-house magazine at the university for their employees. It is published once a month and they have interesting stuff (and not so interesting stuff) in there. It’s called “eish!” . The really cool part is (well I think it is) is that it gets published in 3 languages (Afrikaans, English and Tswana) to accommodate everyone. How neat is that! 

Let me explain why I am so giggly about this in-house publication today. They asked this question in the previous edition, “If you could invite anybody (dead or alive) to dinner who would you invite and what would you like to discuss with them?” My colleague and I had a little discussion who we would invite and I thought to myself, what the heck I will send it in and see what happens. 

To my surprise (no really, I was seriously surprised considering that there is more than 10 000 employees and the university), I got a call one day asking me for a photo. At first I thought “what?”, “cool”, “wait! why?” and as the guy started explaining I’m like “hell yeah!!”,  I made it into the magazine! Hooray! 

So, who will I invite you ask, none other than Abraham Lincoln. For some unexplainable reason he intrigues me. If one day I have saved up enough money I would LOVE to visit Washington DC and visit his gigantic seat and of course record a video and take lots of pictures! Who wouldn’t!?

This is the page as it was published in the magazine.

It is in Afrikaans, but here is the English version:

Ms Elre van den Heever (that's me!), administrative assistant, Examination Section, Potchefstroom Campus: “I think the best person to invite to dinner would be Abraham Lincoln.”

“Although I don’t know much about American history, I would like to know what he did to deserve his enormous seat in Washington DC. It is definitely one of the places I would love to visit one day.”

“I would like to ask him if he always spoke the truth. I would like to do a lie detector test with him to see how truthful his answers are.”

Yes, this is my piece that is going to make me famous! haha I wish! 

So, this is my bonus blog for the week. I couldn’t wait till Saturday and seeing that I have to stay active I thought I’ll spoil you with extras ‘cause that is how I role! hahaha

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment, please follow. Lots and lots still to come!

Have an awesome day!
e xx :)

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