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Saturday 3 May 2014

I bought some land..

Hi there!

It feels like ages ago I wrote something. I had an exciting, yet embarrasing experience. So let me jump right into it.

I feel kind of silly, but you know when you have a weekly or monthly competitive event like trail running or a match of some sorts, and you always see the same people and you have clarified to yourself that you have to beat this 1 person (or even 2 in my case). Well, we do a trail run every Saturday morning. They call it The Parkrun ( It is done all through South Africa ( I am sure it did not start here), but it is a lot of fun and it's a real challenge for me.

Now, there is this two ladies who just get to me every Saturday morning. As soon as I spot them I tell myself "you HAVE to BEAT them". The sad part is, I don't even know them and I have a vendetta against them. We haven't even spoken two words! I think I might have a problem... Anyway. 

They have this way of passing me and then slowing down in front of me. This morning the one lady did it. She passed me, p'd me off and starting walking in front of me. So, I added some speed and propelled myself up the mini hill and kicked her butt. Almost at the end the other lady (I was tailing her for some pace) just wasn't going fast enough so I passed her as well. And THAT'S when it happened...

I felt my foot struck a stone and I feel and see the ground coming closer to me. There is nothing I can do and in that moment I know I am going to hit the ground. So, with a thump I hit the ground (in slowmo) and screeched a bit. I just bought some land.. 

At once everyone I just pass is next to me. They help me up and the first thing out of my mouth is "I am done now, I had enough". Then I see my "enemy" and that just fuels my anger. So I ran as fast as my legs allowed me to go and I finished with a better time. This after I had to tie my shoelaces TWICE, walked a bit (it is actually against my religion to walk in a race) and disciplined my husband with his sore ankle and of course bought some land.

I am very proud of myself, but my ego is a bit hurt. It is not fun to fall down in front of so many people. It is quite embarrassing. But, it is all done in a days work.

At least I have a great story to tell with a happy ending and thinking about it now, I must have looked really funny when that happened. We received a 10% discount voucher, so I think I will reward myself with a nice cup of coffee for my hard work:)

What is YOUR story! I would love to hear from you!

I have a ton of work to finish today. Take Care and speak to you soon.

Ps. Here is some evidence..

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